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17:42, Jun 12 2016

How To Get Better Grades: Five Tips To Stop Stress June 20 Cheap China Jerseys , 2013 | Author: Lachlan Haynes | Posted in Education
Stress has always and will always be a part of our lives. As life becomes more hectic, people are bound to lead an increasingly stressful life. Experts state that a little stress can be good; it keeps you sharp and ready to move forward, and is often vital for achieving your optimum performance.

However, medical research has also determined that prolonged stress is very bad for the body, and can block the body’s natural ability to repair, regenerate and protect itself. It’s interesting to note that over 90% of disease is caused by stress. Stress can be both a physical and psychological response. It can lead to chronic disease, obesity, insomnia, deteriorating relationships, depression, and more.

In order to stop stress from taking control of your life and sending you on a downward spiral, the most effective thing you can do is learn how to prevent and control it. By learning how to prevent and control stress levels you will be free to live a successful, happy and healthy life! And everybody wants that don’t they?

We should point out that everyone experiences stress. Your body naturally reacts to situations and things that cause stress (such as being told you have a pop quiz today!) So you don’t need to get stressed about being stressed! It’s a natural reaction after all. What is most important is how to deal with your stress. By learning the most effective ways to tackle stress you can be calm and relaxed in no time. Below are five tips to help you stop stress.

Tip 1 – Identify what makes you stressful and uneasy. Making a list of your stressful experiences is useful. When you immediately deal with the issues that you can change (for instance waking up earlier for work in the morning, not leaving things until the last minute, and delegating tasks when you are taking responsibility for everything) you can deal with them more easily. Forget about the issues that you cannot influence like being stuck in a traffic jam or not getting into the elevator because there is no room for you.

Tip 2 – Relax! If you feel a stressful state approaching then take a break for a minute or two. Run some cold water over your face, take some deep breaths, do some stretching, listen to music, go for a short walk, or phone a friend. It’s important that you don’t make decisions or take any action when in a very stressful state. So take a chill pill and come back to it when you have calmed down. This applies even if you are sitting in a test whilst having a stress breakdown.

Tip 3 – It will pass and it will be over before you know it. Remind yourself that the stressful event will end sooner or later so that you can make you see the positive sides of things. At the same time, calm down your emotions and think of what is the best thing to do rather than take your energy away from what needs to be done.

Tip 4 – Get to know yourself. Ask yourself: What triggers my anxiety? If for example it is your home life, then maybe it’s time for you to ask what you can do about that? Can you change your environment somehow?

Tip 5 – Create and use a relaxation response. Just as you may respond to stress with total freak-outs (or just plain old anxiety), you can also train yourself to respond with total relaxation! This involves creating a new habit for yourself when you feel stress building up. Instead of allowing anxiety to overcome you, train yourself to respond with deep breaths and allowing positive thoughts to flood into your mind. Even if you don’t believe it at first, when you feel stress building start saying “I am relaxed, I am calm, I am freaking awesome!” By doing this over and over every time you feel stress you will re-train your brain with a new habit. Over time this will become your automatic response to stress – and you’ll actually believe it as well! It’s win-win.

Stress cannot be prevented because it occurs every day and is a natural response to almost all situations and events. But what you can control is how you respond to stress. So to change how stress impacts you (or to stop it from impacting you at all) all you need to do is change how you respond to it!

It is important to understand that what we focus on, we energize and create more of. The more you continue to think about the factors that cause your stress, the more energy you give it. So it is vital to let go and focus on relaxation instead. Consequently, you’re less likely to be upset by stress, and thus less likely to have its harmful effect impact you.

You now know that stress is actually a choice. You have a choice to make each time a stressful situation occurs – and it will happen. Make a choice to be a relaxed and calm person who understands when stress is happening but also knows that there is a better way to deal with it than a total meltdown. Good luck!

Read the full article here: No More Stress | Motivate Me To Study HelpMeToStudy.org is the best resource for learning new study skills, transforming your study habits and finding the best studying tips available. We will help change the way you think about study – and even better – we will show you how to study effectively: How To Study Effectively | How To Get Better Grades

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