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raw material prices

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03:21, Jun 29 2016

The reason: rapid surge in raw material price increases of raw material prices can not keep up the pace the pace, this phenomenon also exists in our flooring industry. Chinese flooring industry is really opening is adapted to the development of ten years ago,wood be used in a patio which in China's market, and not too long, rising import prices of raw materials such as raw materials.

wood flooring industry under tremendous pressure, profits are compressed, market competition in the flooring industry already very large,event waterproof fabric by the yard the entire industry in order to stabilize the market floor, just the price of a slight increase in raw material prices to ease the pressure on the flooring industry.

Flooring industry reshuffle now spearhead the early this year to become the coldest year of the flooring industry, "the flooring industry sales decline in the domestic market, international market share is constantly shrinking due to a number of international factors make the floor in the international difficult market this year can be described as the winter flooring industry,aeratis porch flooring cost and in these tough times, companies are still cheer, preparing for the season decoration promotional war, to do the final sprint this year.

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