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Vintage antique wooden floor to create a natural home

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21:09, Jul 12 2016

Many families are increasingly advocating natural, environmentally friendly, retro style decoration, so the antique wooden floor touted by many consumers. ? That what we need to start from when buying antique wooden floor it together to learn it first:! Look, concavity antique wood floors, look at each piece of board "black side" such as good craft, its higher level of treatment, "black side" also smaller. Look at the surface of the floor was the choice of wood species, surface layer thickness is how much, you can distinguish the quality of good or bad. Second: Style Selector, divided by color, antique floor there are dark and light, according to the process points, there are three-dimensional and brushed antique antique series.

Therefore, choose a color and craft, also largely define the direction of the decoration style. Third: try, consumers can get a one-dollar coin scratch the surface of the floor, if it is good quality, good adhesion primer and paint surface, surface almost lossless. The poor quality of the floor surface will from the powder, and even depression. Fourth: ratio, consumers can take samples of several brands of antique wood flooring (color close) for comparison. Compared gloss and feel, plus a shave test mentioned above, the product is good or bad can be naturally revealed. Moisture Measurement: Antique wood flooring floor belongs to one.

So before buying should consult your business location equilibrium moisture content, moisture content is generally between 8% to 13%, when consumers buy need to buy a suitable local moisture content flooring and related products. Finally, many consumers prefer to buy a single color of the floor, which can also be understood that in order to pursue unity. But the distinctive antique floor is known, consumers can choose a different style of flooring according to the function of each room. Such as: child's bedroom selectable bright floor, while the study can choose the color of the floor and so deep heavy. Do not have to choose a single color of the floor, the most important is to choose according to their preferences.

Myth, solid wood flooring paint better, many consumers believe that the more the more wear-resistant paint, it is not. Indeed some more paint to enhance the wear resistance, but too much will cause the paint to reduce the permeability of the paint, wood color and clarity weakening characteristic precious wood species are often buried in the paint, but also a number of defective panels It was covered; the same time, so much lacquer paint adhesion and flexibility greatly reduced, or even more likely to cause cracking paint chipping paint.

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