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Distinguish between 304 and 201 stainless steel plate method

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18:42, Jul 14 2016

Identification color: pickling of stainless steel, silver Baiguang Jie surface color: chrome-nickel stainless steel color silver Bai Chengyu color; chrome stainless steel color white slightly gray sheen weak; chromium manganese nitrogen stainless steel and chrome-nickel stainless steel color similar paler. Without pickling stainless steel surface color: brown white chrome-nickel steel, chrome steel brownish-black, black chromium manganese nitrogen (three color refers to the oxidation of heavy color). Chrome-nickel stainless steel cold rolling without annealing, silvery reflective surface.

Identification with the magnet: A magnet fundamental difference between two types of stainless steel. Because chromium stainless steel can be drawn in any state magnet; chrome-nickel stainless steel in the annealed condition is generally non-magnetic after cold working, some will be magnetic. But high manganese high manganese steel is non-magnetic; magnetic chrome-nickel stainless steel nitrogen situation is more complex: some non-magnetic, some magnetic, some longitudinal surface of non-magnetic and horizontal surface magnetic.

Copper sulfate identification: the removal of the oxide layer on the steel, put a drop of water, rub with copper sulfate, after wiping such as discoloration, usually stainless steel; as to purple, non-magnetic high manganese steel, magnetic general ordinary steel or low alloy steel.read more:
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