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Rolling surface processing of stainless steel tube profile

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22:17, Aug 23 2016

Stainless steel pipe is an economic cross-section steel, iron and steel industry is an important product can be widely used in decorative and industrial life, a lot of people on the market for the production of stair handrails, shutters, railings, furniture, etc., its use very extensive knowledge of simple understanding rolling surface machining of stainless steel pipes:304 stainless steel capillary tube

1, after hot rolling, annealing, pickling and descaling stainless steel plate treated surface is a dark surface, a little rough;

2, than the general good surface finish, the surface is dull, after cold rolling, annealing, descaling, the final light rolling rolls with rough surface;galvanized flat sheet metal supplier

3, which is most commonly used in construction applications, except in scale after annealing and final addition to a mild cold rolled polished rollers, the other same technology and 2D, some slightly light-emitting surface can be polished;

4, bright annealing:
(1) This is a reflective surface, polished roll rolling and final annealing in a controlled atmosphere;
(2) retain their bright annealing reflective surface, but does not produce oxide.40 seamless carbon steel pipe price list

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