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Today's flooring market

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01:40, Sep 07 2016

Today's flooring market, endless variety of flooring materials, the price span from 200 yuan to 3,000 yuan, exactly why wood floor price so high? Where is its value? Insiders said that the value of the floor, including painting process, wood species,best flooring for screened porch surface treatment, whether environmental protection and other aspects, which can reflect the core values ??of the wooden floor.

Power Dekor Group effort to build the "Oriental Glaze" multi-layer solid wood flooring, using a number of unique high-tech, australia plastic wood price all aspects of the interpretation of the value of wood flooring, wood flooring to create value for new heights. "Oriental Glaze" series uses a highly transparent color lock installation floor decking technology, natural colors make the floor perfectly clear.

The selection wood, the floor surface is used as the material requirements are very strict on the floor itself features former "stability" diy wpc timber tiles singapore is to reflect the value of the important factors of the floor, and now, with the global temperature extremes difference widening, more need to enhance the stability to cope with temperature changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the wood.

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