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Solid wood flooring

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18:45, Sep 07 2016

Soon to get new house keys in order to decorate the house of Lee and pains, while attending held renovation train newspaper, he told reporters: "I am very fond of her wood floor, but her relatives home improvement wood textured finishes for exterior wood walls floors actually gave birth to insects she is now very difficult, afraid it would like to install a similar situation, do not install and I feel very sorry.
"reporters interviewed on these issues Qiu Wood, general manager of Xi'an Dekor Ltd., general manager Qiu" Power Dekor has been are committed to producing better every outdoor wood or composite panel malaysia floor, also active in the wood flooring industry norms and continuous efforts. wood texture because determines its environmental performance, thermal insulation, moisturizing properties that is hygroscopic, adjust the indoor evaporator characteristics of temperature and humidity, especially because of its moist texture, soft touch, natural warmth, cool, comfortable, elegant etc. very popular reason wood floor length insects may be the substrate and glue quality tests, so that insects take advantage of, there may be water wet rate is too high and lead keel present, the production of wood wholesale plastic wood hand rail floors can be divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring.
parquet three categories: 1, Solid wood buy fancy garden edging online flooring because of its natural texture of wood, has a beautiful natural textures and multiple rings of different species of wood color shades, can not only beautify the living room, but also for people living space exudes a wholesome aromatic tincture Ai trees natural flavor.

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