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layers of wood flooring

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01:00, Sep 08 2016

production process: from multi-layers or criss-cross through pine veneer pest control mildew treated as a substrate affixed ranging from 5mm wood veneer on the base, even through dust leaching paint coating operations will paint cloth on the surface and tenon plus after finished wood pvc fitting instructions for butt hinge floor.
features: easy to deformation, durable, UV curing is more wear-resistant, moisture-proof fire retardant, thermal insulation, anti-moth. C, purchase and maintenance of common sense: buy the floor can refer to the following ten aspects: 1, surface wear rotation This indicator selection according to applications, general household about 6,000 rpm, 10,000 rpm or so public. Resistant laminate flooring, there are four: per square meter of aluminum oxide content of about 30g wpc wall panel in south africa for sale floor, its durability is about 4000 rpm; content of about 38g floor, its durability is about 5000 rpm; content about 44g the abrasion resistance of about 9000 rpm; resistant content of about 62g of about 19,000 rpm. 2, the content of free formaldehyde laminate flooring contain a certain amount of formaldehyde in the adhesive, and excess formaldehyde hazardous to your health, at a high risk of human body if long-term formaldehyde concentration in the environment, there will be carcinogenic.
Our field of public air formaldehyde concentration has issued mandatory standards, shall not exceed 0.12mg / cm3. Laminate flooring detection methods, countries have adopted "perforated extraction to Law" stipulates that no more than 30mg / 100g, preferably 9mg / 100g or less. 3, absorption thickness swelling of the index, the higher the plastic coated wooden decking floor the more expansive, state this indicator less than 2%. 4, the greater the strength of the internal bond strength, the closer the bond between the layers of wood flooring, the state should reach this target 1Map above.

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