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licensing floor manufacturer

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03:01, Sep 09 2016

Yesterday (June 10) morning live program 990 hotline listeners, Miss Zhu call reflected large warped easy to clean facade wall panels floor at home, and even affect the door. Last May 5, Miss Zhu in good Mika Building Materials Co., Ltd. South store to buy decorating materials, decoration and with the signing of the contract, requested its behalf decoration.
Unexpectedly, the home of this year, emerging warped floor phenomenon, undulating floor, just like the tiles on the roof, more exaggerated in the foyer floor muster, and made very difficult to open the door. Less than a year new home decoration, the floor became so, Miss Zhu is very depressed. The problem encountered Miss Zhu Lin licensing floor manufacturer after viewing that is due to Shanghai's humid weather caused by deformation of the wpc wall panelling in France floor. And the good Meijia decorating materials Limited Engineering Department personnel on-site viewing, said after floor deformation within the standard prescribed by the state, and the sample taken back testing. Miss Zhu do not understand is, on the one hand, the test results good staff Meijia Engineering Department has not told her; on the other hand, deformation of the floor, warped in the end is the quality problem, or construction issues?
And after a good Meijia Building Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. of Xie Jingli understand the situation said that although Miss Zhu reflect floor warped things are true, but it is also possible that Miss Zhu caused by improper use, and noted that the newly laid composite retaining wall panel floor should be more windows open for ventilation . Afternoon, we received a phone Hou Operations, he said that regardless of the quality of the floor, or technical problems of construction, will be responsible in the end good Meijia, arrange to give re-laying.

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22:15, Oct 28 2016

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08:03, Mar 06 2018

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