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The floor of the long-term

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22:30, Sep 19 2016

Compound edge of the floor slab at the phenomenon of tilt, especially near the corner is more obvious. This is what causes, what methods can be repaired? The phenomenon of tilt the plastic composite gates floor is due to the laying of wood flooring before, not the bottom of the ground leveling.
Some wooden floor is connected with each other by way of the floor block, not with the ground fixed, so disassembly more convenient. Wood flooring there is a stretch coefficient, so to keep a certain distance from the wall, so as to avoid deformation. In the case of the ground is not leveling the building a kennel out of composite decking floor, foot on the floor in the low, the height of the floor will be tilt, the floor of the long-term uneven stress will be uneven, there tilt phenomenon.
The floor appears to be repaired as soon as possible after the tilt, if the water from the tilt of the seam into the floor to be absorbed, such as water evaporation, there is no tilt of the floor will be deformed. Repair should be the first composite fence boards dog eared floor with cement leveling, the tilt deformation of the floor removed, replaced with a new floor re-pavement, so the floor will be flat as new.

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