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Laminate flooring

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23:11, Sep 19 2016

Floor total output of nearly 30 million square meters, composite wood landscape edging accounting for about 20% of the domestic total output value of 1.5 billion yuan Shanghai flooring market adhere to the implementation of quality strategy, following the launch of several years, "Shanghai quality wood floors 20", the recently strengthened again Top 9 Gifts flooring market, laminate flooring for the Shanghai consumer market escort. By the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Flooring Committee organization named the event, causing a big stir in the industry. pigtail fence post for golf course The professional committee in the construction industry always adhere to the "Shanghai-made, quality" Singshih strategy, a grand launch of the "2005 Shanghai Gifts and Collectibles wood floors 20 Parquet 20" is not only to help companies in the market to open up the situation also enables fine floor Barghouti, the market share has been rising. Recently, Flooring committee has announced a rigorous review by the "2005 Shanghai boutique laminate flooring 9", Shanghai to further improve the quality of the flooring industry chain, indicating the Shanghai flooring industry entered a new period of bloom. balcony floor decking singapore cost Our consumption and production floor is a large country, where Shanghai is the most important base of production and sales floor. However, the phenomenon of fish on the market is difficult for consumers to identify and choose, when the event that complaints have occurred, laminate flooring consumption has become the focus of the community and hotspots. In the industry, a number of good quality, excellent service and good reputation of well-known brands and "authentic" Shanghai floor, also met with unfair competition fake and shoddy products. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and Shanghai flooring industry reputation, plastic wood wall panel for sale in south africa so the sales floor into an orderly, credit management track, Shanghai Building Materials Association of Professional Committee of the floor for several years specialized organizations flooring business and industry pundits, focusing on the " re-paving, match quality, than the service, tree brand, "the contest, including the introduction of continuous solid wood, parquet, laminate flooring floor of 49 boutique brands, effectively pushing the Shanghai flooring industry," quality "of the process, the market purification also made remarkable achievements.

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21:48, Jan 05 2017

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00:46, Mar 06 2018

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