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flooring manufacturers

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23:49, Sep 20 2016

When your home decoration, the floor is paved by the construction team do? If yes, have you ever thought, if there are problems, you should find a construction team or wood fiber plastic composite handrail fence flooring manufacturers? If both pass the buck to each other, how can you do?
In fact, now many flooring manufacturers offer on-site service pavement, namely the industry to promote the "factory pavement" mode, select it, you will not encounter these troubles above. Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Flooring Committee experts Zhouzhao Yan introduced the "factory pavement" benefits: pavement quality is guaranteed. Solid wood composite decking wholesale prices flooring because of different species, its natural characteristics, in particular the degree of shrinkage wet up varies, and even using the same species, because various manufacturers and process technology, manufactures expansion and contraction rate will be different. Construction team clear of the foregoing, it can not grasp the targeted paving method, resulting in the best composite decking prices floor coverings quality problems.
For example, wire sub-floor material stability is poor, prone to wet up. One customer bought nearly 3 million worth of this type of flooring, make friends pavement construction team, two months later, a large area of ​​basement wall panels cost floor deformation, bagging. After the authority of the department, the floor itself found no quality problems, the problem is the construction team did not understand at the time of the pavement sub-wire characteristic, it did not take effective measures moisture caused.

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