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Development Limited Wood

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03:15, Sep 24 2016

Flooring blanks market this year remains unabated chill, reporters visited the most important national wholesale distribution on the ground floor blank timber market Holford people here have pooled floor pieces from the vast majority of low-end to high-end varieties of wood species entire floor billet market is mainly South American wood, wood Africa, Southeast Asia, timber and timber also has a smaller share of domestic raw materials to radiation Nanxun,stair treads and landing material Changzhou and other flooring production powerhouse.

After visiting a number of flooring blanks enterprises, invariably comes to downward pressure on market prices, Shanghai Metals and Minerals Development Limited Wood Division General Chiang quipped: "Now, even the rice did not have to eat, and are selling at a loss." Flooring blanks run on two winged beans (Hardwood) can take the amount,build a deck out of whole panels other varieties lackluster, concurrently Albright (white wood) plunges half the amount of change is difficult.

Economic downturn, real estate is not enough to pick up, tough anti-corruption and other factors to a certain extent, affected the decline of high-end consumer market, broad-leaved rosewood,wood bead board paneling rosewood, teak, flooring blanks fragrant pear these high-end steel market cold, red sandalwood regarded as one volume relatively good variety.

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