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process of the floor

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20:53, Oct 30 2016

In recent years, shrinking consumption, rising costs and other unfavorable factors, under the influence of the survival of the floor production enterprises, many companies in the difficult or out of the market, or strive to survive. As a manufacturer of flooring Baishengtianmu in ensuring the quality of products under the premise, garage apartment with rooftop deck and actively explore the countermeasures. The industry raised for the flooring industry is facing various difficulties, "security for the winter" proposal.

Difficult one: raw material prices countermeasures: improve the process to improve the utilization of raw materials The floor of the production process is the biggest waste is too much waste,inexpensive ideas for decorating decks Pine Shing days wood is specialized in pine flooring, in order to have a beautiful place to boil cut off, so It caused a lot of waste.

In the production process of the floor, marine synthetic wood plaza under the premise of ensuring product quality. This year the floor industry workers wages doubled; labor costs in the total cost of the proportion increased from the previous 10% to the present 30% to 40%.


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03:19, Nov 05 2016

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Its number of towers being higher, the gearing https://replicafakewatches.jimdo.com/" class="TyTxtSmlC">Rolex Replica Watches bearings and pivots face less pressure and friction and the performance is improved Replica Tag Heuer RM 055 Bubba Watson is assembled using many screws Spline on the box and in the movement Replica Watches These screws, ensures the release, offer better control of torque during Assembly

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