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strengthening the floor

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20:50, Nov 01 2016

The fierce price war, more and more low profit margins and part of the change in consumer trends, so that the floor over the past year to enhance the sales decline significantly, the brand's development of heart qi and speed also slowed down. Wang Xiangqiang floor market director,paneling on walkways floor said that even with strong backing and capital, but in recent years in order to adapt to changes in the consumer market, strengthening the floor of the price has been in a downward trend.

Prices are falling in the cost but up, which makes the profit margins to reach an unprecedented low; Jinying Iger floor marketing manager price pressure treated wood vs composite Yang Nan said that more and more economic strength of the target consumers will be locked in solid wood flooring, which led to enhanced The floor of the target group consumption level is more limited, more sensitive to the price.

Visible, not everyone does not want to spend effort in strengthening the floor, but a lot of market factors that businesses have to cost to replace wood deck railings with vinyl tentacles to the other side. Therefore, dozens of models each year or even dozens of new colors are essential, the new R & D on the part of the limited strength of the brand, is undoubtedly the pressure.

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