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lumber of whole world

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07:21, Nov 30 2016

Research organization of market of lumber of whole world of Wen Ge China announced a report to show on June 15, russia increases to China to export lumber quantity considerably inside this year, and meanwhile, canada especially BC province gives now to slip to amount of Chinese exit lumber, data shows, BC saves lumber to may wood cladding kerala house exterior losing the share of Chinese market.
Data shows, the beginning of the year begins this year, russia exports lumber to grow more than 50% to China, and in contemporaneity, the lumber amount of China of BC province exit dropped 3% compare compositive decking brands the left and right sides, russia is developing Chinese lumber new market not just, also be in gradually nibble BC visits the place on Chinese lumber market.
The personage analyses Russian authority, be in short-term inside, business of Russia timber production gets to lumber of sale of respect of middle east, North Africa the influence of the element such as ground fringe politics, this makes local lumber business people change China to the market. The active competition of Russia respect composite marine deck material is not grotesque, but the condition with this disappear chief the other party lets Canadian lumber business must raise vigilance, examine oneself to be in China the operation circumstance of the market.

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