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business but good

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00:02, Dec 06 2016

"This plant business but good, the furniture that make is export (abroad) . " he says, this workshop machined good board to just go up two priming paint just, upstairs send the lacquer that brush a face even a little while. Industry person (first floor) craft flavour does not consider the lacquer that make a copy heavy, decorative plastic wood upstairs spray paint tastes ability is weighed. "The cover that wear a mouth also is done not have actually how old with " , he is mentioned. When the reporter comes to 2 buildings workshop, nose odour of a choke attacks head on, more very at downstair, cover at once nose.

the reporter stayed in the factory about half many hour, when walking out of, become aware throat is dry and intolerable only, there is chemical to stimulate odour in nose. vinyl rail fencing Morocco The home of Mr Zhang and this enterprise are lying between a red Lou He only, be in a factory on the west side.

He discloses, this factory is done not have " annulus is judged " examine and approve. There was the villager to complain faze of plant waste gas or steam to concerned branch 2012 civilian, begin from last year, odour compares a day one day serious. "Especially summer southeast wind of temperature tall porch tongue and groove boards together with, odour is heavier. Return on the side of here somewhat elementary school, around villager is sucking this kind of air every day again, how is this lets us good? " Mr Zhang is mentioned, in the villager strong demand falls, this year village of villager along with appoint boss of meeting,

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