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How to identify a poor quality stainless steel welded pipe?

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01:47, Dec 24 2016

1, shrinkage. Shrinkage is what it is, shrinkage of stainless steel liquid steel was liquid state in the mold inside the contraction, sometimes because of environmental impact, such as air, temperature and so the formation of some shrink cavity, with a professional point of view is called shrinkage .stainless steel sheet and coil supplier

2, transverse crack. Transverse crack This is easier to understand, that is, the surface of stainless steel occurred transverse cracks, usually in the ingot period will occur transverse crack phenomenon, but most of them are shallow depth.Anping Supplier High Quality Welding Wire

3, longitudinal. Know the transverse crack, then the meaning of the longitudinal split is obvious. Longitudinal crack is the surface of the steel ingot always want to crack, usually appear in the upper and corner of these places, at the top of the longitudinal cracks appear deeper.1.5 inch seamless carbon steel pipe wall thickness

4, scarring. The above mentioned in the upper part of the stainless steel or corners of the place where there may be a longitudinal crack, then sometimes in the lower part of the skin and shell makeup or makeup will appear in the metal spatter sticky, looks like a knot, So called scar it. However, this problem is rarely seen.303s Flat Bar Stock Hot Rolled And Pickled Ss

5, surface pores. Stomata is also a good understanding of this, that is, stainless steel pipe can be seen on the surface of many small holes, these holes are very shallow, like the same crack

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