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Galvanized sheet wholesale manufacturers prices

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02:23, Feb 16 2017

Galvanized sheet wholesale manufacturers pricesTo ensure the performance and quality of Tangshan galvanized sheet raw materials - plate, jawaysteel applied the online overspeed cooling (Super-OLAC) technology and on-line heat treatment (HOP) technology. Super-OLAC technology has three characteristics: ① to achieve the maximum cooling rate of water-cooled theoretical limit; ② steel plate temperature deviation and non-water-cooled material at the same time to achieve the upper and lower surface symmetrical cooling and uniform cooling within the steel plate; Segment, a significant increase in the high cooling rate of cooling to stop the temperature accuracy.Stainless steel plate pricesHOP technology is the use of efficient induction heating on-line heat treatment technology, which combined with the Super-OLAC technology to form a free cooling, free heating of the rolling line, not only can be on-line quenching, tempering, but also increased Organizational control of the flexibility to significantly improve the quality of the plate. High-quality raw material supply pipe production line, to produce a high-quality, high-level pipeline.Stainless Steel Sheet Price In ChinaJawaysteel developed a new steel pipe manufacturing technology - HISTORY, and in October 2000 for the actual production in order to achieve the car body weight loss, improve vehicle crashworthiness safety. The technical characteristics include: ① through the organization and control, can simultaneously achieve high strength and high processing performance; ② in the absence of heat treatment conditions, the circumferential direction (including weld) hardness uniform; ③ reduce the amount of alloying elements, and thus welding Excellent performance; ④ 4-roll tension reducer, can produce a round round, low eccentricity of the pipe. Through the use of the technology rolled pipe replacement rods for automotive chassis parts, can reduce the weight of 20% to 30%.stainless steel sheet and coil supplierHigh-strength steel pipe bending processing technology (PRB) is mainly used for processing high-strength steel pipe above 590MPa level. It is a new concept processing technology that applies pressure along the center of the pipe and performs bending at the same time as the diameter reduction. The technology not only can inhibit the local thinning phenomenon during processing, but also can achieve high-strength steel pipe bending process. At present, jawaysteel company has successfully 780MPa grade welded steel pipe processed into parts for the car under the front rocker, improve the safety of the car.10mm thickness stainless steel sheet plate 309Production Technology of Cold Rolled Seamless Steel TubeCold rolled precision seamless steel pipe is used for precision mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment or steel sleeve size and high surface finish and a good seamless steel pipe.High-precision cold drawn precision steel pipe is a new type of steel pipe, its main feature is high precision. Usually two-roll mill and three-roll mill production of two production processes, three-roll mill production of cold-rolled seamless steel pipe to a higher degree of precision, can be controlled within the Jisi, but the price is relatively higher.

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