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How to choose the parquet flooring?

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19:02, Nov 05 2017

1, determine the style: in living in adornment, now part of the adornment of a lot of the Best Floor Build, so choose a parquet floor of household style that accords with oneself, generally have a European style, Chinese style, the Mediterranean, American, and the combination of Chinese and western decorate a style, first determine your decorate a style in the floor to choose suitable style.
2, decorate area and the selection of design: parquet floor generally do not recommend the use of large area, if it is a large area of the family, but before the TV cabinet in the sitting room, bedroom window to the shop is stuck some of the same series of monolithic and composite parquet floor, and the design of ornament shu lang, can reflect the style already, also can make the bedroom elegant clever. If be a bedroom area is relatively small, can consider the position that chooses relatively open and attractive eyeball, shop installs a piece or a group of parquet floor, with bo eyeball.
3, eventually determined that all solutions are decided after, as long as the roadmap, with their own to laid the size of the parquet floor, to the store to pick their favorite that a few good, pay attention to brand, quality and price.
Want to choose the appropriate parquet floor, according to their own decoration situation and the needs of different places, not only by the individual's hobby is to make a decision, according to the laid of the ground to the careful research and planning, in terms of style, material, design, all ready, can tailor products such as general, buy suitable parquet floor.
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