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20:57, Nov 05 2017

It seems that there are more and more first time winners when it comes to professional golf. So are golfers getting better or the golf clubs?

First time lucky?

Why has modern golf started to see so many first time winners? Some believe it s because of the impact of new technology on golf equipment Andre Drummond Jersey , especially golf clubs.

When golf first began centuries ago, golf clubs were simply made from wood. Now new materials and an increase in the golf club s head sizes have resulted in advances in the distance and accuracy of the ball. 60 degree open faced wedges also contribute to an improved game. With larger headed drivers and other advances in golf clubs, balls have less spin and go further.

Next Tiger Woods?

However, just because you have a great set of golf clubs doesn t mean you ll be able to take on Tiger Woods. Like football, there is a lot of money at stake for the real golf professionals with large cash prizes. And as a result a lot of golfers have stepped up their game with intense tailor made gym work outs Allen Iverson Jersey , and even using sports psychologists, on top of the hours and hours of practice.

Liquidmetal golf clubs

Next time a golfer misses his shot, it s going to be harder for him or her to blame their golf clubs. The fact is golf clubs are getting better and better. It s thought a new material called liquidmetal will improve golf clubs even more. Liquidmetal is a glassy amorphous alloy developed at the California Institute of Technology.

The structure, which is made up of copper, titanium and nickel Customized Detroit Pistons Jerseys , has a glass like structure and is an ideal density for golf clubs such as drivers, irons and putters. The material is such that more energy is transferred to the ball and it has less vibration on impact.

Ask to golf expert

When you go out to buy any used golf clubs, you always rely on person?s who had much information about golf equipment. You can look for your local pro at your local course as a source of information and advice to get. Or you can ask the experts at the golf stores or even your friend who plays well or who knows regarding golf clubs. Alternatively, you can search the Internet for used golf club reviews, better option. You can always ask people for advice but remain in mind that what suits them may not required prove good in your hands. Therefore Detroit Pistons Adidas Jersey , it is more vital to identify the golf club set that fitting to your ability yourself.

Blame the golf clubs!

Next time you loose a game, and you don t have the latest golf clubs, than you can always blame your old golf clubs for letting you down. It s the perfect excuse! But the fact is, golf, like any sport takes lots of practice and skill to perfect.


There s no doubt however that technological advances in golf clubs has helped improve the game. Even the professionals admit that the advances have helped keep them top of their game. Improved golf clubs help you:

? Hit the fairways with a larger driver.
? Get better accuracy with shaped irons.
Author's Resource Box

Mohammad Sarfaraz Khan with GolfandSports - Your reliable online source to choosing golf bags Tracy McGrady Pistons Jersey , shoes and golf caps. http:www.golfandsports http:www.golfandsportsgolf-clubs.aspx

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