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18:38, Sep 24 2019

Reading "Education of Love" not only made me understand how to love, but also made me understand gratitude. - The sweetest word that the inventor's lips can make is the "mother", the most beautiful cry, "mother." This is a simple and meaningful word, full of hope, love and comfort, including all the relatives, sweetness and beautiful emotions in the human heart. The greatness of maternal love is here. When she is sad, she is comforting; when she is depressed, she is hope; when she is weak, she is power. She is the source of love and tolerance. There is such a story: a woman is pregnant, and the antenatal check results show that the fetus is a baby girl Marlboro Gold. Every day, she sings to her daughter and wants to share her happiness with her daughter. Although her daughter has not yet been born, her love has begun. The process of childbirth is normal and the child is finally born. Regrettably, the situation of the baby girl is very bad. The doctor said to her: "Being psychologically prepared, the hope that the child can survive is very difficult to enter the second course of treatment. The baby girl is still not getting better, so the husband begins to prepare for the aftermath. And she is convinced that her child will be fine. She wants to sing to her, she is sitting next to the child, staring at the little man who is fighting against death. She begins to sing in a trembling voice: "You are me." The sun, my only sun, even if it is dark, you burn me..." At this time, the baby seems to respond, the pulse begins to stabilize. "Dear, don't you know, how much do I love you?" God, please don't take my sun..." Just as she sang, the baby's difficult breathing became smooth. In October, she suffered from severe pain, only to give us life; day and night, after hardship, only for We live a life of worry-free life; the waiting of the body, the call of anxiety, only relieves the pain of our body Marlboro Lights. The ordinary mother, the best love in the world is given. In the mother��s gesture Wholesale Cigarettes, in the mother��s silence In the dedication, we learned to be grateful. So we learned to wash and cook, share the burden for the mother; learn to send a bouquet of carnations on Mother's Day, and greet the holiday greetings; learn to face the difficulties when faced with difficulties. My mother understands that we have grown up and have learned to face it. We have learned how to return thanks to the wind and rain. How much effort does not pay for the harvest, how much suffering you have endured, how much bitter you have tasted. I want to smooth the wrinkles on your face. I want to erase the pain in your heart.
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