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Avoid more tragedies


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01:40, Nov 19 2012

Maybe just a little action. Coach Factory Outlet But saved a family ... I always thought that grab children's things far away from me now think about the day, if there is no father suddenly want to come to them to stay and I do not know that I What happens to my daughter. Every time I thought of are afraid not just afraid. Really can not tell in the end what it feels like.

One day in November last year, I went to a friend's house and he told me. They have a woman in the district the day before kids go grocery shopping when a child snatched away in the vegetable market gives. Planned the whole thing is horrible. An old woman up. Pointing to her mother said: she was here. Then a gentle looks pale young man came up to give his mother a slap women disoriented and then he pushed the woman. Mouth said: Coach Outlet when children are born with the disease you bring out. Child my mother was playing a few steps back. Stumble on the steps. Then the old woman on the side to unlock the stroller on the seat belt while carrying a child. Nagging side says children are so sick you bring out. Oh how can this mother ah. Then the man even more angry and hit her mother. Then the child is not crying Well man just like the old woman said: go and quickly bring the child to the hospital. Then the old woman holding a child and a man riding a motorcycle. Quickly gone that my mother does not recognize them on the ground crying results also nobody thought that the conflicts within the family. Coach Purses Then we would know that the child until the child is no shadow of a mother cry no gas people snatched my friend's mother said she was not scared to death. Grandchildren decided not out. grab a 10-month-old boy. According to the old people said the scene at all do not see is fake. everyone thought it was a family quarrel. The woman beginning did not react Editor's Note. Gives Mongolia are playing. Child is placed on a trolley boy tied with a seat belt around .10 months. (We all look forward to it. Avoid more tragedies!) Have children who want to pay more attention to the fifth. Many partner and I then think about the next pointing estimates are accomplices. So let the people who want to help to give up the idea of â??â??think really my nerve.
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