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schools should change the management method


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01:47, Nov 19 2012

Ho Jin Choi, Wenzhou Medical College psychology department head said. North Face Outlet This seriously affect the physical and mental health of students began to show the one hand, the junior high school students of consciousness. Feels there are peep; North Face UK to be monitored insecure state students also feel that he does not trust the school have been returned to the bedroom can relax, but now they must regulate behavior. psychologically there will be tremendous pressure.

Administration and Law Teaching and Research Department, deputy director of the Municipal Party, North Face Outlet Associate Professor Zhang Hongjun said the starting point of the school is good, but today's kids are more intense compared to expectations before independence stronger sense of asking for others to respect another when Public Administration infringe personal private rights should give way. schools should change the management method. explore the way a student could receive.
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19:33, Jan 08 2013

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