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18:40, Apr 14 2013

The Hou delivers mountain
This is the story that father speaks to me, the little hunter is my brother-in-law.The brother-in-law is clay-cold, Cheap Red Bottoms declare that the grandpa that hunt a king has never let father then hunt, just make the joss stick of my house didn't rupture.
[This day, ]after little hunter arrive at mountain, Shuan good bait calf the Du is concentrating next hunt a set, [suddenly]the fried dough twist being tailgated since then catch to pour to bite off throat in the ground.The fried dough twist Diao wears a little hunter[, ]had been dragging along to those early years to spend a flower to drop to go into of trap side, connect tore to take to bite ground to pull little hunter into trap, then give a long whistle several voices to the sky and right on the spot beat severals to roll and have already run Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes in to go to in black vast forest.
Old packs two pieces of sweet potatoes and carries on the back a pot of boiled water and takes an axe and set out.The tree of top of hill is airtight built-up, the Yu Yu spring onion spring onion.The ancient Rong of dish root wrong stanza, Ji the cypress of the dry song, vomit the mountain Louboutin Outlet almond of Lei exhibition petal, spread green fold the bush of Cui é??æ?¤æ?·é??æ?¤æ?·the gust wind once blew, the green wave was vacillating, Lin Tao makes ring.Old delightedly smiled.In the top of hill exactly 20 years, these forests can are all what he looking at to grow up.The wood is again airtight, the top of hill has no road, sometimes he uses axe mix the thorn of leg to hew away;Sometimes branch droop, he has to lie prone on the underground to crawl to pass by;Sometimes from the tree branch pendency several silk Niao Luo, tie up on his face;Sometimes meet woodpecker Cheap Red Bottom Shoes to stick in the treetop a stare at him with the look in the eyes of surprise on every occasion;Sometimes hear a singing of golden oriole and thrush, but don't know a where é??æ?¤æ?·é??æ?¤æ?·in a short while effort, he the sweat bead on the head the son rolled down and flowed into an eye sour and puck
Protect Lin Yuan Lao
The Gastrodiae Rhizoma Red Bottom Shoes tingles bright, old got up.Saying to is "bed" is in fact the slab of stone of top of hill to spread of.He opens snake skin the bag took a look, can make a living of only have sweet potato, he had already climbed mountain nearly two month time, where does the dry ration food have the truth to don't eat up?The old companion body is weak, can't carry on the back red bottoms a food to his, she basically climbs not to ascend the mountain of this elevation b800 meters.He also wants to rain mountain, but, more than two months didn't next rain, is exactly Gao fire insurance the weather, the Lin Qu deadwood defoliation sees fire wear, and expect in this fire prevention in, three times prevent fire the circumstance of turning on duty room report Lin Qu to the county forestry bureau for a day, really can not get away from.
.The old hunter says:"Female big three embrace gold brick, you catch a wolf back, we open Christian Louboutin Outlet a wolf Yan, give[help]you the hot jollification make of[ground]marry daughter-in-law back."
The ladder of ninth Ji life

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