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20:36, Apr 14 2013

Father save me quickly!I am keeping off the city of home town to run into traffic accident!After a small sedan knocks down, I caused trouble driver motoring to escape!My leg was bumped to fold, a group of good heart persons to send into I hospital.But I didn't do the expenses of surgical operation, please beat the finance account number that 3000 dollars money gets Cheap Red Bottom Shoes to hospital at once:The è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³ è?³
Is so-called to enhance, from it most basic form to speak, point of is the result(guerdon or punishment) of affirmation to a kind of behavior or negation, it will ast least to some extent decide this kind of behavior in aftertime if will repeat occurrence.According to enhance of property and purpose can enhance to is divided into is enhancing and negative enhance.BE enhancing be encourage that behavior that those oneselfs need strengthens this kind of behavior thus;Is negative to enhance be punish those and own behavior of expectation incompatibility, weaken this kind of behavior thus.
Was in autumn again, cover with all over the place is an all mature fruit.In order to pass the winter, the every families all start storing to eat of, Louboutin Outlet burn;Also starts preparing cotton dress and cotton quilt.Red plum on one's own initiative for prosperous all dismantle to do laundry a quilt, for win a set of quilted jacket, cotton trousers.It
But, the yellow completely recovered Doctor is different from Liu the parent of Ting as well then Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes regard as study a matter that is worth showing well, he studies good this phenomenon to disagree rather to Chinese student, he queries a way, why the high school student of China year by year can defeat numerous opponents and acquire the various personal prize and collective prize of international Olympic contest, however establish in the Nobel prize, Red Bottom Shoes Christian Louboutin Outlet but have no the expert professor of whichever China red bottoms high school can get this honor?Why once at the children of educated and study in U.S. student in China, mostly could stand out Cheap Red Bottoms in the school of the United States, received a lost of publicity, but fell in the behind after adulthood?Point of departure why run before, but does the terminal point fall behind?Is this being not a Chinese nation one big perplexity?
This business trip contains long half year, a month ago inside, my head quarter separated three to differ five grounds of made a phone call for Niang, the Niang sometimes also beat my cellular phone, but recently, I make the telephone in the Niang rental house call always unmanned connect to listen to, this makes me anxious.I then make a phone call to three younger brothers

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