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09:23, Apr 15 2013

We forward this mail to pull Rui right away and pull the reaction of Rui more excited than us.He immediately goes to move and pleases the American whom he knows in Peking and two sides in Chengdu, the help Ting son checks to seek Harvard graduate student that works in southwest region in China.
Noon 12:00, I finally the lo finished doctor and took Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine of big pack of packet home, are these more than 1,000 dollars, a month of wages had no, and I start loving.Came home to throw medicine lazily slanting depend on the table just depressed on the sofa.Wear the Cheap Red Bottom Shoes old flower mirror to son to sew the old mother of cotton dress to took a look me from the glasses good luck and ask:How, kid?
The fee gives up last night is too Louboutin Outlet frightened could not sleep, then red bottoms too excited could not sleep tonight.Looking own officer can also continue to at that moment go.At this time, the call words of Mo Fei Da, fee's giving up a to listen to is him and then say:", That Red Bottom Shoes what moderate the material of red vegetable need not again go together with."
Hot sun fire of August, the foreign language school delivered a placard, I took at once Ting son to see a placard.Be responsible for teacher Zheng's big eyes of hair acceptance notification in spending roll seek in a short while, raise head to say:"Liu as well Ting, Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes pass in examination."Just still strain thousand times of Ting son's fiercely embracing me am again to smile, to jump again, can not control feelings ground to loudly shout:"Mother!I pass in examination!I pass in examination!"That teacher is also happy to jilt the acceptance notification of Ting son" Shua Shua!"Keep ringing, say:"Know not?Your this little Zhang Zhi is worth 20,005!"
Mother's Day arrive, window outside inclined month barb eaves, I thought of that moonlight very thick night, the mother took my report card to scold me:"Why didn't your language test full marks?"I Du Rang wear to say that didn't I test first, why must full marks?"My don't care you didn't test full marks, the mother knew to can test full marks by your ability, but you didn't test.I want to make understand you this is the proud complacence, still carelessness?"I say:"I really can't do, don't believe you to ask a teacher."
The after school makes the kid is the homework or interested in affair that he likes a category first.Kid which afraid is that obtained a little Christian Louboutin Outlet result to also forget to give public recognition compliment in time.Don't worry kid whether Cheap Red Bottoms time playing is too many.Play isn't the antonym of study, abandon to play a game isn't the thought of study to settle a type.To kid, the game is another to study, the game can develop his society, and can promote develop his imagination dint.

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