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DJ Ran

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:40, Jan 17 2008

We were joined by DJ Ran of WCW Monday Nitro fame for an hour interview covering his career and wrestling in general. We went over his start in ECW covering music, Paul Heyman, the original ECW atmosphere, New Jack and more. Then we went into his WCW days. Covering rib stories, crazy things he saw. Stars such as Curt Hennig, Rey Mysterio, Konnan, Juvi, Bischoff, Natural Born Thrillers, ICP, Mike Awesome, Jimmy Hart, DDP and many others. We also talked about current music in wrestling, the New ECW, the death of WCW, TNA and much more !!!

In the post show, we took many calls. The IYH Crew talked about the Jeff Hardy leap on RAW, the Mini Rumble, who we think are the most passionate wrestlers in the business, Kofi Kingston, "The Wrestler", blind wrestling fans and many other wrestling topics. We also went off wrestling and talked about a plethora of oddball subjects like lettuce, champagne mangos, cloned beef, the possibility of a cloned all rib and bacon pig, Cloverfield and who the hell knows what else. So listen ya bums !!!

P.S. If anyone has a copy of the infamous Nitro where Kevin Nash throws Rey like a lawn dart into the truck please contact as at jack@inyourheadonline.com !!

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