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The Bound For Glory Edition!

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 09:13, Nov 19 2008

...where I got called Hun by Petey and lost my voice at the PPV!
by Caitlin "Slave to Petey"

HOLY CRAP! What a crazy weekend we all had with damn great memories. I'll just give bullet points of all the great things that happened seeing as how I'm still dead tiered and have no voice.

-- Saturday --

- Got to the hotel about 6 in the morning and was one of the first people in line for the Fan Fest.

- Met some really cool people and a guy who's about a nuts about Petey as I am.

- Was first in line to meet Kurt Angle.

- Katrina got a hug from Kurt and I acted like I didn't know her...lol.

- Got my Sonjay Dutt picture molested my So Cal... xDD

- Had a Sharpie thrown at me by Hernandez after Jason yelled Cowboys Suck.

- Hernandez tried to pass off a Johnny Devine box.

- Got a hug from Traci.

- Had fun with my Machine Guns! ^___^ *And a pic

- Got called hun by Christian Cage. * And a pic

- Had the total honor of meeting Jeff Jarrett for the first time. * And a pic

- Rhaka Khan was totally awesome and way to tall...lol.

- Met Jimmy Raves biggest fan Mary Kate...lol. *Waves*

- Got interviewed for TNA Today!

- Totally and completely whored Petey's table...I mean come on now.

- Got called Hun by Petey, a hug and a picture. ^________^ *Drools*

- Meet Dixie Carter and got a compliment of how well organized my pictures to be signed were...lol.

- Hung out in the lobby watching the wrestlers all night.

- Watched ODB get drunk...lol.

- Smacked Jason for taking a picture of Petey walking down the stairs.

- Watched Hernandez choke out Jason for a picture. xDDD

-- Sunday --

- Had breakfast two tables away from Matt Morgan and his wife.

- Watched Sabin, Creed and Shelley walk out of the gym. LOL

- Freaked out after spotting Petey again and slapped Jason for trying to walk up to him.

- Got a picture of Petey in the lobby and shook his hand.

- Got a picture with Hector Guerrero!!!

- Found Christopher Daniels....lol.

- Talked with Kong, Traci, Daniels, Roxxi, Lance, ODB, Sheik and Joe.

- Went to PPV!

- Chanted FIRE RUSSO as he was walking by!

- Screamed and cheered for Petey!

- Cheered for Beer Money, LAX, Cage, AJ, Jarrett, and Khan.

- Left the PPV with no voice what so ever.

So there you have it the short version of what happened...lol. The train ride sucked in the worse way and I'm sore from trying to sleep in my seat. Almost got into a fight with a drunk jackass at the PPV because he wouldn't sit his big ass down. I almost pulled a Petey on him I swear. Speaking of Petey I spotted him a total number of 12 times through out the weekend...and put my Petey Williams Stalking 101 [as my friends like to call it] to damn good use. xDDDD

-- Can-Am Hero -- Slave To Petey -- Caitlin --

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