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ASK X# 2

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 07:47, Jan 31 2009

by Jason X

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ASK X# 2

Welcome to the second week of my column here on In Your Head. Amazing what a difference a week makes, Matt Hardy (not Christian Cage) cost Jeff Hardy the Belt, and I now look like a fool, with that I am not making a pick for the Super Bowl.

This weeks column is brought to you by some Memphis Wrestling clips, nachos, and A-Treat Root Beer (anyone from central to eastern PA know about A-Treat). With that let's get the show on the road

My good friend Spec_Sun wants to know who I'd do a shoot interview with, and what was my favorite title from GWF. Before he says anything, I am still working on your very first question from last week, but it's a very in depth question that deserves a very in depth answer. You will get it soon, tell Mickie I said hi

Spec_Sun: If you could conduct a shoot interview with one wrestler (dead or alive) who would it be, and why? Well for me personally I'd love to sit down with Michael Hayes and really get into WCCW during it's height, and the Von Erichs personal problems. I think it would be eye opening, but highly educational as well.

What is your favorite championship belt design from Global (GWF). I'd have to go with the Light-Heavyweight title. I always liked the design of it. Speaking of GWF belts, I'd love to find a picture of the original GWF TV title. Anyone?

PhuckYou, wants to know about Sex, Drugs, and Wendi Richter?!? (not in that order)

Phuckyou : Is there a lot of cocaine snorting backstage at Indy events. From the shows I have been at, I haven't seen anything, although the friendliness I haven encountered has been amazing

If Wendi Richter was at her prime in WWE's last women's surge (Victoria, Jackie, Trish, Tori,Sable, Luna, Chyna), where would you think she would've ranked?? I tend to think that Wendi gets a free pass from wrestling fans because of the time she was popular, but I personally feel she wouldn't be on the level in fans eyes as Victoria, Trish, Jazz ,Molly Holly (my personal fave) or Lita. Luna and Tori were two of the best from the 80's women's wrestling scene. Now If Sherri was in her prime during the 2000-2003 surge in WWE women's wrestling I think she would've been contending with Trish for the belt on many PPV's

If your fiancée said that you could have sexual relations with only one female personality, past or present, who would it be. okay, mind you this is based purely on the idea if I had a get outta jail free card. The two I would go with are Taylor Wilde, and Cherry. We need to bring Cherry back by the way she was hot, and she never should've gotten fire cause (say it ain't so) she looked like a normal hot chick and not a skinny plastic chick that WWE thinks is hot

TC "Might be related to Arn" Anderson, has two questions from one of the greatest eras in NWA/WCW.

TC Anderson: I wanted to know your opinion on NWA/WCW. The good during like 88-92 or so. What did you think of that roster? 88-92 is actually my favorite time period of NWA/WCW so this is personally an awesome question. I think the overall roster was quite impressive. Let's look at who they had during this collective time period. Flair, Arn, Tully, Luger, Windham, Sting, Pillman, The Freebirds, the Road Warriors, The Midnights, The RnR Express, The Steiners, The Nasty Boyds, Doom, Vader, Rick Rude, Dustin Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, and Etc. How can you not like that time period for the company. Plus that was when some of their most memorable moments happened, and some of the best matches ever. What wasn't there to like about this era? The memorable Clash of Champions shows. The Sting Vs. Flair feud, Steiners Vs. Nasty Boys feud. WrestleWar 91. Honestly the best time for that promotion was the 88-92 era

Also, the infamous Chamber of Horrors match, what kind of details do you know on that one. I was like 11 and at the event live, but I can't recall if that match was even publicized. Kinda odd it started off the show. I remember Gordon Solie hyping that match quite a bit during the build up for the show (mind you I was 7 at the time). But it was supposed to be a big part of the card. In fact when I read about the build up to the show, I only see things about Chamber of Horrors, and Lex Luger. Although Rick Rude debuting was quite awesome. The match was atrocious there is no denying that, but it was a big reason why people bought the pay per view, and it was also a big reason why the pay per view gets bad reviews. With that said it's worth going to watch at least once, but I'm also a big fan of bad wrestling.

Vann has Gino Hernandez on his mind this week, hopefully I can help him with that.

Vann: Had their been no demons in his life - nor any "accidental" overdoses - where do you see Gino Hernandez's career going and whose spots do you think he would've put in danger?... There is no doubt in my mind that Gino was going to go places in the business. I think he would've left World Class and eventually would've found his way to the Crockett's and become one of their biggest stars. Truthfully I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, if he was alive he would've been the man to replace Ole in the Horsemen. He would've been the perfect fit, and could've had a great feud with Dusty for the US title, while Flair held the World Title, and Arn and Tully held the World Tag Titles. Eventually he could turn face and go against Flair only to turn on Sting. If he was alive today, I'm certain he would be considered more of a legend than his is today.

What three people from the business would I have dinner with, well for Staypuft's I'll spill the beans.

Staypuft: Here's a pretty standard question that seems to do the rounds in most interview type situations, if you were to sit down and have dinner with 3 guys or girls to just pick their brains about the wrestling business, who would they be? And Why? Okay, I'll try to keep this short. First pick right off the bat would be Paul Heyman, not because I'm still a die hard ECW fan, but more because I want to be a booker, and I want to promote my own league some day, and he was one of the most creative bookers ever. Second, would be Kevin Von Erich, there is so much about the day to day aspect of World Class that I want to hear about. Finally, Randy Savage, he is my all time favorite wrestler, a big reason why is still want to be in the business today. There are no specific questions I would want to ask. I would just sit under the learning tree and listen

HillbillyZombie wants to know about the most underrated women's wrestling of all time Luna Vachon.

HillbillyZombie: Was there any real reason that the Sherri Martel Vs Luna Vachon feud from '93 that had a lot of build up to it just got dropped with out any type of resolution on TV. (I saw them have Wild brawls at house shows with Sherri usually going over) The feud was strictly to get Luna over before Sherri left. The reason for it was that they were feuding over who was Shawn Michaels valet. Luna didn't stick around long with HBK and was soon with Bam Bam Bigelow

Also on a related note, Later on when the Women s title was brought back Why didn't they ever put the belt on Luna Vachon? Right place wrong time. When she was back in the WWE in early 97 to 99 they just weren't willing to put the Women's belt on say a woman who could wrestling. It was all about T & A, hence why Sable was the focal point of the division. Had Luna stuck around longer during the 93-95 women's title era, she would've easily held the belt, and probably would've had great matches against Bull Nakano

The Taylor Made Man is checking in with questions about improvement in the world of wrestling, and Art Barr

TerryTaylor: Do you think the standards of wrestling fans have increased to a point that someone starting out in this business has a real chance, wrestler or commentator? Or for that matter any wrestler who isn't putting on 5 star matches every night? In a world wear I would listen to Gordon Solie do commentary, then switch to Aflred Hayes, there seems to be a lot less slack with wrestling fans. Michael Cole isn't that great an announcer, but he's no Alfred Hayes and he can improve. Ricky Ortiz strikes me the wrong way, but again he can improve. Do you think there is a chance for long term improvement in the business now days, or do you think the wrestling fan now just asks way too much. It's a little of both, The fans demand too much, and there are too many independent promotions to help guys get noticed. It also doesn't help when WWE only tries to mold wrestlers into their own style only to never use them, or to only use the ones for are over 6'5" and ripped, but have no personality, and skill. As for the fans demanding too much, the idea that it is no longer Pro Wrestling, but Sports Entertainment, there by diluting the fans ability to let go and buy into the product, instead of just looking for who is the best worker. And with casual fans, most of them don't invest into anything until they get to see themselves on camera. With the improvement aspect, you won't improve unless you love pro wrestling. If you are in it for the money than you will never improve (I.E. michael cole), but if you take an interest the and want to get better the results are significant (I.E. Todd Grisham). It's up to the individual how much the improve. However, with that said, I still think it's both the fans demands, and the way the business is in this day and age.

Totally ripping off Vann but I like to call it inspired. I was a huge Art Barr fan, and I loved just about everything he did. For his size he was innovative in WCW, plus his roles in Mexico and Portland were pretty awesome. Do you think with the WCW emergence of a cruiserweight division Barr could have gone as far as his former partner Eddie guerrero <sp> or do you think he would have stayed in mid card mediocrity forever? I think Art would've been very popular here in the states. I don't know if he would've gone to WCW, although if he did, he would've been in that Chris Jericho spot, where he had tons of charisma, talent, and potential, but would be wasted even though the fans would love him. With that said, at the time of his death ECW offered him and Eddie a spot to feud with Public Enemy over the tag straps. I think he would've thrived more in ECW as he would've had more creative freedom there, both in his matches and in what he could say on camera. In my opinion he would've been an ECW lifer, probably having feuds with guys like RVD, Sabu, Lance Storm, and Jerry Lynn. Just think of what could've been.

Norrin asks my favorite question this week, and the one with the most personal answer. Norrin you get a gold star

Norrin: Are you ever conflicted to be involved with the independent wrestling scene? Conflicted by the fact that you're involved in the wrestling business at the only level that still represents some aspect of the pure product and it's origins, but that it's also infested with what many people consider the worst representation of professional wrestling - untalented, unathletic, delusional fat white trash beating each other bloody with light tubes and barb wire? Well, truth be told I do get conflicted, but not because of the product of the shows. I tend to get conflicted because at the end of the day sometimes gaining the experience isn't worth the lack of pay, the loss of gas in my gas tank, the time I spend on the road. But the thing that does make it worth it is being backstage with some of the nicest and funniest people I have ever met in my life. For every negative thing that has happened to me at a show, all of the positives tend to out way the negative. As far as the products go, living in PA I know that we have a strict athletic commission, which we can thank XPW and CZW for. So the blood for the sake of blood matches don't take place much or at all, and every show I have been on hasn't had any hardcore matches maybe a ladder match or a dog collar match, but nothing like what XPW or CZW did. Also, from being a part of the shows, and from watching the shows as a fan, the guys I tend to work shows with are actually very underrated in the Northeast scene. Although few of the guys are now working for Chikara, PWU, CZW, and also have done some shows for ROH. I know that some of them are also happy being weekend warriors as well. But like you said it's the last pure form of Pro Wrestling, and many of the guys (myself included) really do it just for the love of the business, and because it makes them happy. As, with anything there are pluses and minuses, and it comes down to whether or not you think it is worth it. Do I like driving two to three hours to not get paid, to get treated like crap cause I didn't hand out posters, No! But I do like signing autographs for kids, seeing my friends in the business, and going out an being part of the show and contributing to the entire product. It just like anything in life you have to take the bad with the good.

XT wants to know how I would book Bret Hart in WCW. I'll give it a shot

Xtremefalls: Many people say WCW botched Bret Hart's arrival. If you were booking how would you've handled the situation? I never would've put him in that role of will he debut with WCW or the nWo. I would've had Bret be Sting's next challenger for the World Title, that way they could keep the nWo out of the title picture for awhile, and also have a fresh feud that would keep the fans interest as it would be a bit of a dream match. The Scorpion Death Lock Vs. The Sharpshooter, it would've been a very good feud. Although, I think Bret was also his own worst enemy at this time as he was still consumed with what happened in Montreal with Vince, and he wasn't in the mind set to take advantage of anything given to him during that time.

TNA without Vince Russo, sounds good to me, thanks for the idea Craig

Craig: Would getting rid of vince russo really help TNA? no, Russo is just a cog in the TNA machine. Sadly, he does have pull as he is friends with Jarrett. I think TNA would be better off with Cornette as their head booker as he's one of the greatest bookers in the history of the business, and Russo is one of the worst. Cornette in charge of the booking they feuds would make a lot more sense, and the matches wouldn't be so over booked

I Love Lacey wonders if WCW could've ever regained their old form

I Love Lacey: Had Time Warner not merged with AOL could WCW have eventually got back to it's glory days? I really doubt it, WCW was just a major sinking ship, and no matter how much Ted Turner loved having wrestling on his channels. Even, he would've seen that it was a drain on the companies revenue, and it would've been cut no matter what. Bischoff (not Nash) should be blamed for how bad WCW was handled at it's height. Giving wrestlers creative control, guaranteed money, and other mistakes. Led to the name wrestlers getting lazy, the younger wrestlers having no where to move up in the card, and so on. Factor in that while yes the WCW/nWo storyline was engaging, how often did it really look like WCW could win that war. It didn't! so by making the company look weak in the a storyline. Didn't help public perception, there are tons of other reasons as well, but the truth is simple WCW wouldn't have regained any footing against Vince.

And we have some questions from Monty.

Monty: Have you ever seen anyone as good as AJ Styles?!!? Yes, I have his name is Ric Flair, there is this thing called a broom, yeah he can have a 5 star match with it.

Why is TNA's wrestling roster the best of all time? I'm going to cite, WWE 1987, NWA 1988-1989, WWE 2001, UWF 1986. Sorry but TNA doesn't have that great of a roster, not yet?they have a good roster, but to say best of all time, would be like saying the pope is jewish, it's just not true

With that I'm heading out for the week, there will be no good, bad, and weird this week, as I'm fighting with my software as I am trying to upload some wrestling clips to youtube you your enjoyment. Next week I will have tons of Fabulous Ones clips for your enjoyment. Just Kidding

Till next time.

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