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Ask X #4

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 14:21, Feb 17 2009

by Jason X

Here we are with our Valentine's Day edition of Ask X. I'd like to go on the record before you start reading this and state that the new Saturday Night's Main Event DVD is worth buying. With that said let's get this under way

Spec_Sun is checking in from the heart of the Mid-Atlantic territory this week and he's asking about the US Belt, WCW's Light-Heavyweight title, and Camel toes! Wait WHAT?

Spec_Sun: In 1996, Ric Flair had a run as the U.S. Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, the was injured and the company decided to incorporate that into a storyline involving him and The Giant. Giant stole the belt, and the rest is history. Personally, I don't think this was good for the belt for the remainder of the year and going into early 1997 with the Syxx & Eddie angle. Given the mass of talent WCW had in late 1996, who do you believe should have won the belt after Flair's injury?

A: It wouldn't have hurt to put the belt on Regal, and incorporate him into a feud with Eddie that would lead into his feud with Syxx. The matches the three would've had could've built the prestige for the belt, and in turn would've kept the belt viable in the fans eyes.

Assuming that WCW didn't abandon its Light-Heavyweight Championship in 1992, what effect do you think the division would have had on WCW in the subsequent years? Perhaps the wave of luchadors would have come sooner instead of the jump to ECW then WCW. The possibilities are truly endless.

A: The possibilities are endless, but for it to have lasted WCW would've had to invest in the division more, and at that time they weren't willing to invest in it. They could've brought in guys from Japan more often. They were onto something with the Pillman/Lyger matches but it wasn't enough for them to build a division around. At the end of the day outside of Pillman and Morton there weren't enough people on the roster for the fans to buy into as champion material. Nor did they want to spend the money to bring in unknown people for it, since they were more interested in spending money on people the fans already knew. If the division would've lasted it would've help to revolutionize the business well before ECW would. But I don't believe that the matches would've been as consistently good as they were when they launched the Cruiserweight division in 1996.

Based on what you've seen, who has the phattest camel toe in pro wrestling history?

A: Mark Henry?HAHA?wow I really don't know Spec, I don't normally go looking for camel toe. Although if the rumors are true Missy Hyatt has to have the biggest.

Sadly I let PhuckYou down this week, and I'll make it up to him as soon as I can.

Phuckyou: I want you to play the Wrestlemania game......

Pick one match from each WM to put on "your" list of the top 24 WM Matches....


1: Only one match from each WM..... (Meaning no, Steamboat vs. Savage and Hulk vs. Andre as each were from WM 3)

2. Only one Main Event can be chosen.....(Meaning no Hulk vs. Andre from WM 3 and Benoit vs. HBK vs. HHH from WM20)

3. A wrestler can only appear once..... (meaning no HBK vs Bret......and HBK vs. Cena)....

it is harder than you think......Can you do it Jason???

A: yeah I did it, but I forgot to send it home from my work e-mail, I'll post it Tuesday morning when I'm back at work. Yeah I know I freakin rock.

Oh, and I guess since this will be the "Valentine's" edition of your column (can't spell)

What are the top ten all time kay-fabe wrestling couples?? Kevin and Nancy would rank up there......Would you rank Savag and Elizabeth as number 1?? What about Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine?? Austin and Lady Blossom?? Would Goldust and Marlena rank in your top ten??

A: fantastic question.

10. Chris Adams and Toni Adams

9. Kevin Sullivan and Nancy Sullivan

8. Matt and Lita

7. Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony and The Dirty White Girl

6. Triple H and Stephanie

5. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch

4. Tommy Dreamer and Beulah

3. Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll

2. Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine

1. Randy Savage and Elizabeth.

Norrin continue his string of asking tough questions. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. (not of the camel kind thank you)

Norrin: If Shawn Michaels doesn't leave in 1998 due to injury, would there have been room for Michaels and Austin to co-exist at the top? Would Triple H still go on to become "The Game"? Or does the Heartbreak Kid cling to his spot with a deathgrip and keep it? Or do things change anyway?

A: the immediate impact would be that the Austin/Michaels feud would continue for a few more shows, DX would have 6 people in the group instead of 5. It would've held up the inevitable Austin/McMahon feud, also The Rock's rise, and Mick Foley's rise. Michaels wouldn't have stayed around too long as his back was in terrible shape at WrestleMania, and the longer he would've stayed around the worse his injury would've become. So I don't really believe too much would've changed in the end.

What can wrestling fans do to improve their image to society? I personally detest about 2/3 of my fellow fans.

A: First off, I hope I'm part of the percent you do like. Well it's quite easy, most wrestling fans are every stereotype non fans have ever thought of. They are uneducated, ignorant, and some actually do lack hygiene. Add in to certain people on the message board who would rather ask questions about what girl from TNA I would like to fool around with (yeah I cleaned up what he asked) it makes those of us look bad. Maturity is something that could help most wrestling fans. A friend and I went to see a WWE house show this past Christmas, and the guy beside us was challenging us to fights because we were fans of Chris Jericho and he was a John Cena fan. He was vulgar, rude, and disrespectful, not just to us, but to everyone around him. It's okay to cruse at a wrestling show, but be careful about where you say it and when. We happened to sit in a area where a dad brought his son and nephews to the show. So this guy beside us is dropping F-bomb after F-bomb and it actually made me embarrassed to be there. I felt bad for the dad having to explain to his sons why they were leaving early. Now on the flip side of that, the guy on the other side of us was friendly and was an admitted casual fan and he asked questions to us on what was going on and who was who if he didn't know them, and we had no problems talking to him. Sadly it's people like the Cena fan who give us a bad rep. at the end of the day, it may not be so much what wrestling fans can do to change, what those of us who are fans and are decent people can do to separate ourselves from the rest. It would be much easier for us to do that than to try and get them to change.

I Love Lacey is asking about Bret Hart and the WWE belt, and wrestlers kids.

I Love Lacey: Lets say the Survivor Series 1997 ended with Bret Hart keeping the WWF championship. If he had taken the belt to WCW what would the WWF have done to maintain the prestige of the championship?

A: If that would've happened I don't think WWE would be here today. That would've been the death blow to a company that was starting to comeback both creatively and financially. WWE was starting to take a an upward turn in business thanks to the Hart Foundation anti-American angle. If Bret was to take the belt to WCW it would've destroyed WWE. Although, after reading Bret's book, I believe he never would take the belt with him as he was very concerned with doing what was right for the business, and wasn't selfish enough to do something like that.

What is WWE's fixation with bringing in wrestler's kids when almost all of them are out of shape, can't cut a promo, and are at best Ok in the ring?

A: I think some of them have a huge upside. Manu, DiBiase Jr, and DH Smith all have big upsides. Now Cody Rhodes is terribly boring on the mic, and Sim Snuka is bland as white bread. Orton, is the cream of the 2nd and 3rd generation crop in WWE right now, and as long as he keeps doing well, WWE is going to keep investing in the kids of former wrestlers.

Craig wants to know how I would book the Ultimate Warrior

Craig: I have 2 question about the same person. How would you have booked the Ultimate Warriors first and only WWF title reign? How would you have booked the Warrior in WCW?

A: I would've put him against more people who would be good enough in the ring to hide his weaknesses, a long term feud with DiBiase would've put him over as a bigger threat. With his WCW run, he would've been harder to book as he was nothing but ego by that point, and he from what we have all read was hard to deal with. Now, With all of that said, booking him would've been a full time job, just having to keep up with his whims. Him jobbing to Hogan was a given, but I would've loved to have him and Sting reunite to reform the Blade Runners for at least one night. It probably would've nabbed good ratings and might have kept people interested if even for a short time.

TC "better than CW" Anderson wants to know about the Flair/Fujinami title match

TC Anderson: What's your thoughts on the WCW/NWA title unification match between Flair and Tatsumi Fujinami? I was only 10 or 11 when this match took place, but I remembered enjoying it, but not really understanding why there where 2 world champs.

A: I was just as confused as you were when it happened, but I don't think it was so much due to our age, as it was due to their mistakes in explaining the situation and getting the entire thing over. It still even now is a mess of a situation when I go back and watch it unfold. Now with that being said, I really believe that the seeds for joint shows was planted when they saw at how well The Great Muta got over in 1989. Add in how the pushed him and Saito in the Pat O'Connor Memorial Tag Team Tournament, you can clearly see that the joint shows were going to happen soon.

The Host of IYH Jack is looking for some insight on the WWE version of the FBI

Jack: Do you think the WWE version of the FBI needed an obviously non Italian ?

A: I think if there was an non Italian in the group acting like he was Italian, it would've come off more as a complete rip off of ECW's version, the WWE version needed to stand on their own. And truth be told from a wrestling point of view with Guido, Johnny The Bull, and Palumbo they weren't a bad trio and could've convincingly been over a legit heel group on smackdown if they were booked properly.

Tom Howard (is this the real Tom Howard from UPW and Zero One) is curious about Reckless Youth.

Tom Howard: Reckless Youth........your thoughts??

A: I liked Reckless Youth a lot. I saw him in person many times in the late 90's and thought he was a good competitor. Injuries are really what hindered him, also I didn't help that he became very hesitant in the ring after he cracked CM Punk's skull in 2003

Alright we are out this week, Santo your question will be part of next weeks column. I gotta be honest I thought there would be a Greg Valentine question since this was the Valentine's Edition. Well I'm out for this week, I'm going back to enjoy the SNME DVD.

Till next week

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