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Ask X #6

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 15:15, Mar 02 2009

by Jason X

Here we are with week 6 of Ask X. After reading the spoilers for TNA I saw nothing about Don West going off on Tenay, although while a Don West heel turn is not what anyone wants to see, I?ll be honest West pulled off the emotion do it. So bravo to Don West. Last night ROH filmed their first four TV shows at the ECW Arena, and the main events for those shows all look interesting, well aside from Nigel Vs. Jay Briscoe, but it?s not because of Nigel, I just think the Briscoe?s are boring spot machines who have no idea what psychology is. With that let?s get on with the show

Spec_Sun is up first, no doubt he recovered from his birthday bash, evidently Missy Hyatt didn?t show up for it like I had paid for her to.

Spec: What is your general opinion of John Cena? The positives and negatives (if any). Also, how do you see his career evolving five years from now.

A: I really respect John Cena, and I know it?s uncool to say that on the net, but let?s be serious here. He?s selling more merchandise than Hogan did in his prime, He?s almost outselling Austin in his prime. House Show attendance is up, I know I was at a show in 2004 that was headlined with Jericho and Orton Vs. HHH and Batista that barely drew 3K to the Giant Center, This past December I went to another house show at the Giant Center, and it was sold out, what was the main event. Jericho Vs. Cena. A lot of ?smart? fans want to say that Cena does the same few moves and he is just a power wrestler. But Bryan Danielson does the same few moves, they are called signature moves, that?s why they are always used. Is he a power wrestler, yeah he is, but he is one of the best in the game, and he doesn?t make the glaring mistakes in the ring like Batista does. It?s hard for me to knock John Cena, I?m not a fan of his at all, but I respect him because he goes out and always gives 100% for the fans. That is something very few people on that roster do. He?s this decades top guy and for good reason, in 5 years he will still be one of the top guys, there is no denying he has the work ethic, the charisma, and the skills to stay at the top and be believable at it. Maybe by then they can turn him heel too.

TC ?The Real Machine Gun? Anderson is back this week with some SMW related questions, and I am a SMW mark. (I have a million of those names to give you TC)

TC: Alright, lets see. Still have to keep some what to my roots with some Smokey Mountain Wrestling questions this week.

What are your views on Corney and SMW?

A: I love Smokey Mountain. It?s in my top ten favorite promotions of all time. They were the last true territory. Cornette managed to allow guys to make a living by working in a small region for rabid fans who stuck around for a good three years, it?d pretty impressive especially when this happened in the 1990?s. Just one of the best promotions ever.

TC: What's your take on New Jack being there? And is there any credit to Cornette for creating any of his character or bringing it out of him? The "2 count" for the Gangsters and when they use to use watermelons and fried chicken as props during their match?

A: I think Cornette had a lot to do with New Jack really coming into his own. He gave him the breeding ground to bring out his natural charisma, and Corny allowed New Jack the chance to get it over on TV. I like New Jack more in SMW simply because everything he did there was raw, but he wasn?t a garbage wrestler there like he became ECW.

TC: A lot of people might not realize, but after Douglas threw down the NWA title in ECW, The NWA then signed on with Corney as their new flagship promotion. I just wondered what your thoughts are on that and ,if your like me, do you feel that this merger was also what killed off SMW? (Note: the NWA title tournament was pretty damn good in SMW with a bunch of big names and pretty great matches IMO if you haven't seen it)

Sorry for the long winded question, just had to make up for missing last week

A: long winded questions are welcomed. I don?t think being aligned with the NWA wasn?t what killed off SMW. What killed off SMW was the fact that is was an Old School territory during an age where hardcore wrestling was coming alive. There is a reason why people to this day still compare SMW to ECW. They were loved by fans all over, they catered to certain demographics that weren?t being catered to at the time, and they were both taking risks, by going against the grain and doing their own thing. What killed SMW is what helped ECW, and it was catering to a mature audience. I don?t think aligning with WWE helped out either, as it took away Corny?s time from SMW, and you can see that in the angles over the course of SMW. The more he was doing in WWE, the worse SMW got. I think SMW could work now, because the fans who were 10-20 when ECW got big, now want something that SMW offered.

I Love Lacey is up next wondering if someone will be in the HOF one day

I Love Lacey: I think without question The Rock belongs in the Hall of Fame. I think his short stint could hurt him in some people's eyes. My question is will we ever see The Rock in the hall of fame?

A: he?ll be in, there is no doubt about it, what I think will hurt him is how he completely turned his back on pro wrestling when it was what gave him his start to get him where he is today. That will hurt him a lot, but he?s a shoe in to go to the HOF one day, so there is no sense arguing about it.

Phuckyou has questions about heel Vince, and rick rude

PhuckYou: Through youtube, people are now realizing that Vince McMahon was playing "the evil McMahon" back in 1993 in USWA.... Why didn't PWI and The Wrestler make more of the evil McMahon character, then, before it became famous in 1999??

And, in the same vein, why didn't Jerry Lawler (USWA) feud with Vince, when Lawler debuted in WWF???

A: When it comes to PWI, most of their audience came from the northeast, and they were always a primarily WWE publication. So that?s why they never mentioned much of heel Vince. Plus with their publication reaching a much more nationwide audience at the time, why confuse them by talking about Vince being a heel in Memphis, when he?s not one everywhere else. That?s a good question about Lawler, but Lawler came in at a time when Vince was going through the steroid trial, I don?t think Vince wanted to make himself too much of a focal point at that time, because he didn?t know just where he would be if push came to shove.

Phuckyou: In your opinion, did Rick Rude have a bigger impact in WWF or in MACW/WCW

In WWF, he was probably best remembered as "The Ravishing One"...And he was a "founding" member of DX

in MACW/WCW, he was part of the most under-rated tag teams with Manny Fernandez, and later had memorable matches with Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, and Sting...Then he appeared in a taped Raw as apart of DX, but apart of a live WCW broadcast as apart of the NWO...

A: first off I think his WCW theme was awesome, with that chick trying to sing like Tina Turner, just awesome. Okay, I think his biggest impact was in WCW as he was constantly in the main event scene there, and he was able to really bring a lot to the table as well. He was great in WWE, his stuff with the Warrior was memorable, but he was never really given much of a chance to truly show how good he was Vince never really gave him the shot. WCW gave him a shot, and he was a very memorable part of their roster for his stay there (which for those keeping track was 1991-1994). His early stuff was very hit or miss until he got to WWE, but I recommend his stuff from WCCW as he was quite awesome most of the time there.

Craig is checking in with a question about WrestleMania

Craig: What do you think is the best and worst WrestleMania of all time?

A: I think the best one is still WrestleMania III, I know a lot of people love WrestleMania X-7, and with those two it really comes down to when you became a fan, because both shows represent the best of their respective time frames, but for me WrestleMania III is still the best one from a creative and financial stand point. As far as worst WrestleMania 2 was pretty awful, but personally WrestleMania XV was the worst it really was a one match show, and while that match delivered (Austin Vs. Rock) the rest of the show was a throwaway.

No Spin Joe asks his first question, which is about the macho man

NSJ: Do you think Savage really gave it to a young Stephanie?

A: No I don?t, if it happened don?t you think Vince would?ve gone after Savage legally, and he wouldn?t have given him an on air goodbye. Although Savage playing up the story on that clip that has been seen on you tube for years now doesn?t help the rumor

OldSchool is here this week with a great question about Ted Dibiase and the IC Belt. which has become one of my personal favorite questions yet

OldSchool: Here's a tough one: in his RF shoot, Ted "Million Dollar Man" DiBiase claims he, not Pat Patterson, should be acclaimed as the first WWE(F) Intercontinental Champion. There's a convoluted story behind this, which justifies the creation of the Million Dollar Belt. Can you elaborate on this?

A: well Ted was the first WWE North American Champion, which Pat Patterson won, and then it became called the Intercontinental Championship, just three months later, (Pat beat Ted in June of 1979, and the title was renamed or won in Brazil in Sept. 1979). Now with the creation of the Million Dollar Belt, that came about because of the Honky Tonk Man. See at WrestleMania IV it was supposed to be Ted winning the tournament for the belt, and he would?ve been the first heel to win the main event of WrestleMania. But here is what happened, right before the big Main Event special on NBC. Honky Tonky Man told Vince that Crockett made him an offer to go work for them (which legend has it was a total bluff on Honky?s part) and that he was taking the belt with him. Vince not wanting to let the opposition get the upper hand on him, placated Honky, and allowed him to keep the belt. Even though, the belt was not what Honky wanted, he wanted the money that came with main event the b-shows and with being champ. Now, Vince had to answer to very irate Randy Savage who was promised the IC title, and it also logically made sense for Savage to win the belt back in order to win the feud. So Vince in a quick decision said that Randy would win the belt in the tournament at WMIV. Ted, while making the Main Event money for that year. Never got what he was originally promised which was the World Title. So to make up for it, Vince created the Million Dollar belt for Ted to carry, which while impressive is no where near what being world champ would?ve been. Ted comes out the loser in this whole thing, and it really comes down to Honky screwing everyone.

HillbillyZombie is back this week, and he?s curious about crazy Bob Backlund.

HillbillyZombie: I have a few questions about Mr.Bob Backlund. In Jericho's book he has a little story about 'ol Bob that hints that he might be a bit crazy for real. Have you heard anything else about Backlund being legit insane or is he just always working it? And why did they go in that direction with his character in the first place?
Also is there any bad blood or office politics that is keeping Mr.Backlund out of the WWE Hall of Fame?Or is it just that they somehow haven't gotten around to his turn yet.
Speaking of politics what was really behind The Mr.Backlund for President campaign? Was it just a goof?

A: well, if you?ve ever seen some of Bob?s stuff from Savoldi?s ICW you would have to question if it was a gimmick or not, as his promos were really out there. I tend to believe Foley?s theory that he was just working the guys in the locker room, but I?m really not sure. Although we have all come to love Crazy Bob, I really don?t know if it?s real or a gimmick. I have heard that he is super nice in an almost creepy way, so that might have something to do with it. His run for Presidency was a gimmick, but he did try to run for a seat in Congress in 2000 as a Republican, but was unsuccessful.

Norrin is next with a question related to The Wrestler

Norrin: Mickey Rourke was nominated for his portrayal of aging 1980's professional wrestler Randy 'The Ram' Robinson.

Speak about the real wrestlers that you can see in the story of 'The Ram'.

A: Guys who are what The Ram is, are the guys who are still going strong on the Indies. But the one guy who is as close to the real version of The Ram is Jake Roberts. I?d even venture to guess that Jake?s portrayal in Beyond The Mat had to be a major influence in the movie.

The One and Only Jack E. Jones is back this week with a question

Jack: Are you proud of IYH's junior host Jai for pursuing his wrestling career ?
A: Very much so, I might have been a little tough on Jai in the chat room before, but he?s a good kid, and I wish him all the best. The business is a tough place, but I?m sure Jai is getting good schooling down in Georgia. Jai if you are reading this, I?m going to give you the best piece of advice I?ve gotten from people in the business. Listen to everything the guys tell you as those stories will help you in the business, and work as many shows as you can for as many companies as you can. That is the only way you will get noticed and get better. Glad you are already doing good, and stay safe.

Monty is back this week with a question about the Impact Zone

Monty: Do you feel the Impact Zone is the closest thing we have in modern day wrestling to the fan loyality of the ECW Arena?

A: I don?t think it is, you have fans who will drive all over the country to see ROH, they are super loyal. As far as the Impact Zone, I would agree with that statement, if it wasn?t for the fact that it?s a free attraction at a major amusement park. So you aren?t always getting wrestling fans in there, and the ones you do get in, tend to come across on TV as the ones who are more intent on putting themselves over, and they are what I mentioned in my one answer for Norrin about wrestling fans, they are the lowest common denominator fans. That isn?t to say they aren?t loyal, but they would act that same way if WWE of ROH ran a free show there. Nothing will ever compare to the ECW Arena during ECW?s heyday, just like nothing will compare to the Mid-South Coliseum when it comes to fan loyalty and reaction.

Vann is back from a hiatus, and he is curious about who I would put in a wrestling stable

Vann: Great stuff, Jason...

Okay... Pick a promotion during any era... Give me a group of guys (in that promotion and at that time) who in reality had no real association to each other and fantasy book a stable that would make sense including a name and who you think they'd be programmed with...

Just a fun little thought I had... by all means, ignore this if you'd like... I promise you won't hurt my feelings.

Keep up the good work!...

A: thanks for the compliments, I appreciate them. This is a hard one by the way, but we?ll go with 1987 NWA, my group would consist of Terry Taylor, Larry Zybysko, and Manny Fernandez. All three were very good in the ring, but each had a different style that would compliment each other, they would work primarily the RnR Express and Barry Windham. As far as a name the Iron Men as they could all work very long matches and were good workers.

Dennis Wanker is up next and he?s asking about some Memphis favorites and bad WCW gimmicks

Dennis Wanker: ok kind sir,i would like for you to give me your thoughts\opinions on the following wrestlers......
jerry lawler bill dundee dutch mantell

A: Lawler is one of the all time greats, although he?s in a category with Hogan, where when he wanted to he could work a great match, but he was more of an entertainer than he was a wrestler. But Lawler is one of the best ever. Dundee, I don?t think ever got as much respect as he deserved as he was normally feuding with Lawler or he was Lawler?s partner, then when he does get shots in the big time he?s used as a manager, which might have been because of his size, but he was still a very good worker. I just don?t think he got his just due. Dutch, was a good wrestler, but he didn?t have the ability to connect on the larger scale when he was brought into the big leagues, but as a booker the guy has a lot of great ideas. It?s a shame Russo has so much pull in TNA.

DW: also, what do you think was the worst idea for a wrestler in wcw? in my opinion it's a tie between the bootyman and the demon. anyway thanks

A: I think the Ding Dongs or the Kongs were the worst. Although the bootyman was god awful, but he got his deal cause he was Hogan?s boy. The Demon made me ashamed to be a KISS fan, sadly two years later Gene Simmons would further shame me by releasing a KISS coffin, and then shamed me even more with KISS Kondoms. Sorry I?m back from my tangent. The Ding Dongs are by far the worse, they were so bad that my grandparents who were non wrestling fans, but always taped the shows for me, taped over that match from the clash after I watched it once with a looney tunes cartoon, as even they were embarrassed by it.

With that I?m off to watch some Phillies spring training baseball, and enjoy the rest of my weekend. Keep the questions coming, at the In Your Head message board. Don?t forget to give Santo some love by checking out AAA in English. And Finally, listen to IYH and WYH (I?m a horror junkie too).

Till next week


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