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Ask X #7

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 22:36, Mar 09 2009

by Jason X

Welcome to week 7 of Ask X, WrestleMania is right around the corner, and is it just me or does it feel like it might be a one or two match show. Also, I?ve seen that TNA turned a profit last year, honestly, whether you like TNA or not. It?s a good sign for the business, and might mean that we are on the verge of an upswing soon. With, that let?s get started

Spec_Sun is up first this week, quizzing me about Piper and Sid

Spec Sun: I know he never needed it, but do you think that Piper should have had at least one run as WWE Champion in 1985 after WrestleMania? After watching a ton of footage from that year, Piper seemed to have more heat than anyone I've seen. If he somehow defeated Hogan, I think the company could have made even more money that year with Hogan chasing for the belt.

A: Without a doubt Piper should?ve had a run, but after reading Piper?s book, I can understand why he didn?t get a run. For as great as Piper was (which I?ll admit I?m a huge Piper mark) he would fight Vince on things tooth and nail. I don?t think at that time Vince felt he could trust Piper to be the champ. I think it would?ve made huge money for the company, and it would?ve given the Hogan/Piper feud the well needed shot in the arm to truly become a legendary feud. Because as it stands now, I don?t think people talk about Hogan/Piper as they do, Flair/Rhodes, Hogan/Andre, Savage/Steamboat. It?s just not that fondly remembered as a feud, and I think it comes down to the point that the blow off wasn?t much of one, and there were too many DQ?s in their matches. A Piper title run was the thing that could?ve put the feud over more, and people would?ve paid more to see Hogan chase Piper for the belt, than Piper chasing Hogan (which is what they did). It?s booking 101, and even though you didn?t ask it, Piper drew WrestleMania, not Hogan.

Spec Sun: What is your opinion about the Sid Justice character in the WWE from 1991 to 1992? The pros and cons.

A: Well, I think Sid at that point had a big upside. He was young enough that he could still put in a good effort, he wasn?t hampered by injuries yet, and he did have some charisma. The cons were, that he was very sloppy and careless with his opponents at times (war games 91 is a great example), he only had good matches with people who could carry him. Another con was that I don?t think Sid was a really convincing babface, and he certainly wasn?t going to be the guy to carry the ball when Hogan left. I think his first run in WWE, is forgotten by most fans today, when he went back in the mid 90?s his heel and face runs weren?t bad, he seemed reenergized, and he looked to put effort in more matches.

Craig is next wondering about the future HOF inductions

Craig: Who do you think should headline next years WWE HOF clas

A: Randy Savage, no one deserves it more than him. The Freebirds should go in along with the Road Warriors. Arn and Tully should be inducted soon as well. As far as a headliner Savage has to be in the next years class, they?ve pushed him back as long as they could.

Norrin asks quite possibly the most controversial question ever

Norrin: Some say Wildfire Tommy Rich sucked dick to get the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt. Do you think he did the right thing? Would you do that?


A: Well, basing this on the speculation that he did suck some dick for the belt. If he felt morally okay with doing it, I guess in his mind he did the right thing. Jim Wilson would have something else to say about it. Sorry, I couldn?t help that comment. There are a ton of rumors like this in the business, and honestly I?m prone to believe that Tommy sucked some dick for the belt, cause unless he was magically good for that one moment in his career, he wasn?t that great in the ring or on the mic. He was the best on the mic during the old FBI days in ECW. Now as far as your second question is concerned. My pride isn?t more a piece of metal, and a leather strap, unless the promoter was Taylor Wilde or Allison Wonderland. Sorry, it?s been a long week I don?t normally make jokes like that. I wouldn?t do it, cause no matter how good the pay is as the champ, my pride is honestly worth a lot more, and I?d rather get that type of shot because of my hard work, and my abilities to bring people to the show. That?s just me however.

TC ?Just Added to the Family Wikipedia? Anderson checks in with some questions about lack of talent in wrestling today, and yesterdays jobbers (yes I did add you to the Anderson family wikipedia article)

TC: With the lack of talent now days what would you say is the biggest reason for it, and what would you think the solution should be?

A: I think a lot of the reason why today?s talent seems to be lacking is that if they come up through WWE developmental, with little indie experience, they are rushed through, or are only taught one way to work. I think guys like Punk, The Hart Kids, Mickie, Kendrick, and Kennedy are the exceptions, they all worked indies before they came to WWE, and learned in the different promotions on how to get themselves over in the ring and on the mic. Where as Cody Rhodes, DiBiase Jr, and so on are awful cause they only know what WWE taught them. Another problem, and this is more prevalent on the indies is guys don?t know how to work, the early 2000?s trend of spot matches inspired a ton of indie guys to continue to those type of matches, flips for the sake of flips gets boring after awhile, and most of them don?t call a match in the ring, they plan it extensively before hand. Those are the most glaring reasons that I think is why talent is lacking today.

TC: Even the WWE is pretty lackluster in depth right now, but looking at dated rosters even the "jobbers' were top talent in comparison to what we have now.

A: back then the Jobbers were actually the best wrestlers on most of the cards, because they had to work whatever style they had to in order to get their opponent to look good. I always go back to George South, because if you watch him today you get a great appreciation for just how good he is. He likes to joke that Flair carried him through their famous match on TBS, but George was actually that good that he could hang with Flair. Some of the best wrestlers from those days were the jobbers, and they never got the credit they deserved. I will say this though, the NWA jobbers were worlds better than the WWE jobbers. I would take George, Rocky King, the Itallian Stallion anyday over, Lombardi, Frankie Williams, and Duane Gill.

Old School is back this week, with a conspiracy theory.

Old School: Not sure whether this has been asked, but just wondering: in your opinion, was The Montreal Screwjob a work, or not? Lots of wrestlers, like Kevin Nash, Warrior, many others, say it was, and it sort of makes sense: the Evil McMahon persona was born, Shawn Michaels got tons of heat, and Bret went out with a bang, lots of publicity, and with the support of the fans. A win-win-win situation, one might claim.

A: I tend to be of the thought that it was a shoot, although a lot of signs point to it possibly being a work, especially when you consider that Bret called the people filming the documentary to film stuff that night, so why would Vince let them there if he knew what he was going to do to Bret. And, yeah when you look at it as a work, it is a huge win for the three of them. However, there are little things involved that point to it being a shoot, because Vince wouldn?t let go of someone like the Davey Boy, if it was a work. If it was a work he would?ve used the footage more in the first few years after it happened. Which those first few years it was like that
Survivor Series didn?t happen. I?m still of the thought that it was a shoot, but if it was a work, we may not find out until Vince passes on. Good question.

Psycho Goatee asks his first question this week

Psycho Goatee: What are your thoughts on Lita (Amy Dumas)? Where does she rank on your hot-X-scale tm?

A: I?ll start off with in reference to the previous question. I believe the Matt Hardy, Lita, Edge love triangle was a work, and one of the greatest works ever. Lita was really good in the ring before she had her neck injury, she was her hottest, and most over when she was with Edge. Now on my scale I?d have her as an 9, but I tend to go for rock/metal/punk girls. But overall if I was to make a list of hot wrestling women, she would be in my top ten, but wouldn?t be in my top 5. I just think there were/are prettier women in the business now, and they know how to work a match much better than Lita did, and can talk on the mic worlds better than Lita could.

With that I?m out for the week, I?m off to see Motley Crue tonight. Have a good week everyone and as always show some support and listen to IYH every Wednesday night, and check out El Santo Loco?s AAA in English

Till Next Week

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