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Ask X #9

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 09:03, Mar 23 2009

by Jason X

Here we go with week nine of Ask X, it?s been two months since I started doing this, and I?m thankful for all the positive remarks this has received. In two weeks I plan on doing a WrestleMania only version of the column. I see TNA?s ratings have been going up, like I have said before you don?t have to like TNA, but their ratings going up is a good sign for the business. Let?s get on with the show

Old School kicks off this week with a question about Lawler?s rights to being called the king, and a question about ROH.

Old School: What's the deal between Jerry Lawler and Vince McMahon? How come he's been there for so long a time? Does it have anything to do with the angle with Harley Race, where he wrestled as "The King of Wrestling", and Lawler threatened to sue because he supposedly had the trademark on "The King" gimmick? I never quite understood why he's there. Can you clear this for me?

A: I don?t think Lawler is there because of a lawsuit against Vince over the rights to the King Of Wrestling gimmick, I just think it has a lot to do with Lawler being a really good talker, you have to remember he would sell out the Mid South Coliseum every week, based solely on his ability to put his opponent over on the mic. As a commentator he?s gone away from constantly screaming for puppies, and has started to focus more on getting the match and the angles over consistently. He deserves his spot with WWE, as he still has a lot to offer both in and out of ring.

Old School: what do you think ROH's strategy will/should be, now that they got a TV deal? During Sapolsky's reign, ROH grew by delivering great matches, and that format worked - any ROH DVD was/is clearly better than the recent and pathetic TNA Destination X PPV... But with Gabe gone, will they go the route TNA took, with convoluted storylines, or stick with great wrestling? I'm a great fan of the "original" ROH - Northern Navigation was simply awesome... -, but if the product takes a turn for the worse, i think their fanbase will defect. What's your view on this?

A: Their fanbase won?t defect, although I think catering to their hardcore fan base could hurt them in the long run. ROH, has it?s roots in great matches, but great matches will only get them so far, you can only drop a guy on his head so many times, and then it becomes moot in a match. ROH fans pride themselves on being the only ones who can appreciate a great match, but a great match isn?t how man spots you can do, but how you can use said spots to tell a story. I?m off my soapbox now, I?ve always been of the thought that if ROH got TV during their late 2003-summer2005 era, they would?ve been a hit. I?ve been watching ROH since the first show, and honestly when they had Punk, Joe, Homicide, Cabana, Rave (I know cabana and rave came back last night), and Low-Ki, their roster was the best it?s ever been. I just don?t think their roster is as strong now. And before all the Tyler Black fans get on me, I like Tyler, he?s a great talent, but I still don?t think their roster is near as strong, match wise maybe, personality wise it?s not. They have to find a good balance between what got them to the dance, and a way to bring in the casual fans in order to move up and continue to become a bigger promotion. sorry for the rambling answer.

Spec_Sun is up with a WrestleMania related question (did you read my mind?)

Spec: Since WrestleMania is around the corner, I think some questions are in order.

As I have watched WrestleMania VI several times over the last few years, I've wondered what if the WWE had a tournament to crown the first WWE European Champion and hold the finals at WrestleMania VI. I think the opening match at WrestleMania pitting Koko and Martel would have been a good final round match, as well as other guys.

Here are my questions.

Would it have been a good idea for the company to introduce this championship much earlier than they did in 1997? Do you believe 1990 would have been an ideal year to debut it, and if so, which two performers of that era would you book to compete in the final round at WrestleMania VI to determine the first World Wrestling Federation European Champion?

A: I like the idea, but the only really went over seas once a year at that point, and I don?t think Europe was a priority on the WWE schedule back then. It?s really only been during the New Generation Era, and this current Era that they have made a point of going overseas on a regular basis. I do think WWE should?ve had another singles title in the mix, as it would?ve given mid card, to lower mid card guys something to fight for. It would?ve helped from having guys getting lost in the shuffle. So I think 1997 was a decent year to introduce the belt, especially with Davey Boy being such a big part of roster by that point.

Now if the belt did have to be introduced in 1990 my tournament would involve these guys: Al Perez (he was on the roster in 1990), Bad News Brown, Brutus, The Hammer, Tito, Martel, Koko, and The Barbarian. The opening round would have Al Perez going over The Barbarian, Bad News over Koko, Brutus Over, The Hammer, and Martel over Tito, Next Round it would be Perez over Bad News, Martel over Brutus, with Martel beating Perez for the belt are Wrestlemania VI.

The Man Jack E Jones is checking in this week, with one of the toughest questions I?ve had to answer yet

Jack: What wrestling move that hasn't been used in years or even decades could come back today as a new finisher ?

A: You know no one does a basic DDT anymore, and if the person doing it is booked properly, that could come back and be looked at as a devastating finisher. Announcers could put over how simple yet devastating the move is. All these variations of the move are great, but no one does a regular DDT. I know someone will say Tommy Dreamer does, but how long has it been since you saw him do it? Other than that, I was always a big fan of Ken Patera?s spinning full nelson, again it?s simple yet back in the 80?s it was booked to make fans believe that he could really break his opponents neck with it. Another one is a neckbreaker, now it?s an all but forgotten move, but again is used and booked properly it would be devastating as well. It all comes back to reeducating the fans.

TC ?Son of Arn, Better than Brad or Bryant? Anderson, is with us this week asking about my favorite shoots

TC: Ok, this question can only be answered by the king.

Of course everyone knows about the "Montreal Screw Job" and its still uncertain whether it was a work or shoot or even a bit of both.

My question to you this week is, what are your 3 all time favorite actual shoots in wrestling? (Brawl 4 All doesn't count )

A: okay number one is: Andre Vs. Akira Maeda, NJPW asks Andre to shoot on Maeda, Maeda finds out, and spends the entire match brutalizing Andre?s knees with shoot kicks, the beginning of the end of Andre in the ring.

Number two is: Brody Vs. Luger, I hate Lex I?ll admit it, and seeing this makes me happy. Everyone has heard of it. It?s worth checking out

And Number Three is: Isn?t a shoot in a match, but I know TC you will remember this one, Doug Gilbert on Power Pro Wrestling back in 1999, his entire tirade is awesome, definitely worth going out of your way on you tube to see, the best part is at the end, and I quote? I?m Jerry Lawler, and I raped a 13 year old girl!?

Dennis Wanker is up next with three really good questions, and no you aren?t a pain Dennis but you did ask a hard question this week

Dennis: ok I have 3 questions for ya this week, cause i like being a pain...so here goes. let's say the ultimate warrior actually stuck around his first time around, what impact do you think he would have had. as in positive, negative, or perhaps none at all. and with that in mind let?s say Bret Hart didn't leave the WWF...what impact would he have made, and do you think there still would have been a Montréal screw job? I know the answer you'll prolly give me on that one, but like I said I like being a pain. and finally is there any hope for TNA or have they finally fucked it up to the point of no return?

A: alright here we go, 1) I don?t think the Warrior?s impact would?ve been any different had he not gone away for awhile, although his act would?ve become stale quicker than it did. 2) I think if Bret would?ve stayed there wouldn?t have been a screw job, but I don?t think HBK would?ve stuck around too long, so Bret staying would?ve lead to the often rumored and talked about HBK jump to WCW, where we probably would?ve been treated to one match with him and Sting and then they would?ve screwed up that feud. Man I kinda wish Bret would?ve stayed around, cause HBK in the original nWo would have been off the charts, and then you could?ve made him the leader of the wolfpac? There is something for you guys to think about. And 3) I don?t think TNA has reached the point of no return yet, but I think the MEM vs. Front Line feud has officially made no sense, what they have done to Samoa Joe is horrible, the only thing I do think makes sense is Jarrett Vs. Angle, and even that has lost some steam since the very personal beginning of the feud they can turn it around, but they won?t if the ratings keep going up.

Finally this week is ended with some new blood, SuperSantos makes his question debut with a pretty straight forward WrestleMania XXV question

Supersantos: what is your wrestlemania prediction- will it flip or will it flop?

A: well last week I stated that I think it?s a one or two match show, with the Money In The Bank always a match to count on to get the crowd going, and Triple H vs. Orton as the other match that will deliver. I think the show is going to flop, and I?m not saying that because I want it to, but you can only have a so many good cards, and then you are going to have a bad one, for every good WrestleMania, there is a bad one to counteract it. That?s what this years will be, it won?t deliver like the last couple have, but it certainly won?t be a WrestleMania like 2, 9, or 13.

With that I?m out for the week, remember to listen to IYH every Wednesday, and give Santo some of your time and check out his show AAA in English


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