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Ask X : The Return

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 21:08, May 31 2009

by Jason X

Welcome back everyone, Ask X is back! Hopefully it becomes a much more permanent part of the IYH site. Well let?s get started shall we?

Our first question this week comes from Julia

Julia: Did the WWE ever sign anyone from TNA that has never been in the WWE or affiliated with them?

A: Okay, out of the current roster the people on the roster who were previously associated with TNA, who were never affiliated with WWE before, are Mickie James, who was a member of Raven?s Gathering in TNA. CM Punk, who was also a member of Raven?s Gathering (which was also at the same time him and Raven were having the feud of the year on the indies), and Low-Ki, who was a multi time X Division Champ. But if you want to get technical Low-Ki did work dark matches for WWE in 2001. Hope that helps

Spec Sun is up next, be sure to check out his show for IYH the Secluded Paradyme, It?s awesome stuff

Spec: What are some of your favorite tag teams from the AWA and why?

A: Probably my favorite AWA team would be Badd Company, what they were doing in 1988 was stuff that you really didn?t see regularly until at least 1993, so they were innovators at the time, and even as a four year old, I liked them because of the moves they did in the ring. Buddy Rose (RIP), and Doug Sommers, easily one of the best heel teams in the AWA?s history. Buddy Rose was just so good at drawing heat, the things they did to help the Rockers along, they made those matches so much larger than life. The East West Connection of Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis, what can be said about them, they had a great run against the High Flyers. I?m a huge Freebirds mark, but their AWA stuff just wasn?t up to par with their stuff in WCCW. I love the little bit I have seen of Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch, But my all time favorite AWA tag team is Badd Company, everything with them worked, the look, the theme music, DDP, everything clicked for them at that moment in time, and they were great

PhuckYou checks in with two questions, both awesome questions at that

PH: What are your thoughts on the Global Wrestling Federation (my favorite federation during it's brief existence)??

And, had the WCW and WWF not raided GWF's stars (X-Pac, Harlem Heat, Buff Bagwell, The Patriot, Raven, JBL, The Godfather, Cactus Jack, and Ahmed Johnson) how much longer would GWF had lasted??

A: I loved the GWF, so much to the point that I?m saving up to eventually get a 28 disc promotion spanning DVD set of the company. For me they were the last great wrestling league from Dallas. From 1991-1992, after school and even during the summer I stopped what I was doing when GWF came on. I bought into the product, even more so than I did WWE or WCW at the time. I can honestly say I did and still do find GWF to be fun to watch, and if I had more footage of it, I would watch if over the current product. As far as how long would the GWF had lasted, they lasted from 1991 to 1994, with TV on ESPN and Syndication. Ultimately the thing that did Global in wasn?t WWE or WCW taking their talent, it was the death of Kerry Von Erich. Their business was getting better when many of the WCCW regulars came back. Michael Hayes was involved in the booking then, and Kerry was pretty much going to be the face of the promotion for the foreseeable future. But when he took his life, he also took the life of the promotion as well. I don?t think their talent being raided is really what killed the promotion, had Kerry lived I think the promotion would?ve been around much longer. Kerry Von Erich?s suicide is what did Global in.

PH: A two parter about "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert:

1. Where do you rank his legacy??

2. If he had not died, do you think he could've garnered more attention, and does he belong in the WWE Hall Of Fame??

A: for me as someone who wants to eventually be a booker, Eddie?s legacy is high up there for me. Now most wrestling fans, probably haven?t heard of Eddie, and it?s a shame since he was one of a dying breed in professional wrestling. If newer fans were able to see Eddie at his best they would understand that most ?smart? fans love his work. His booking was for the most part great, his psychology is some of the best in the business, his feud with Lawler is in my top 5 feuds of all time, it was that good. His stuff in Mid-South/UWF was just as good.

It?s a shame that Eddie died when he did, cause I can see him going back to ECW and causing a whole lot commotion there. He probably would?ve eventually caught on somewhere else as a booker post ECW, maybe for TNA, as his booking would fit the promotions early days.

Craig checks in next with a question concerning the king of the ring

Craig: I don't know if they'll be one this year but if you were in WWE how would you book the 2009 King Of The Ring.

A: The King Of The Ring crown should be used now as a way to put over a newer wrestler who they can put the WWE marketing machine behind, use to help build the person up in the eyes of the fans, and to help make them credible down the line. With that said I would have the tournament consist of DH Smith, Miz, Morrison, Ricky Ortiz, Brian Kendrick, Evan Borne, Dolph Ziggler, and Shad Gaspard. I?d have Smith beat Borne, Morrison beat Ortiz, Miz beat Kendrick, Gaspard beat Ziggler, the next round Miz would lose to Smith and Morrison would beat Gaspard. The finals would have DH beating Morrison to crown DH the King of The Ring and by beating Morrison clean, it would put him over in the fans eyes as a legit contender

El Santo Loco makes his Ask X debut this week, make sure you show Santo some love and check out his new show En Tu Cabeza

El Santo Loco: Who do you think is the best heel from the Mid-South era..?

A: I have to go with the Freebirds, and not just because they are one of my all time favorites, it?s also because Mid-South drew their biggest houses when the Freebirds were feuding with the Junkyard Dog. Their first run there is often overlooked because of how they were able to turn WCCW around and make it at one time the biggest promotion going, however they wouldn?t have been able to do what they did in Dallas if not for what they did in Mid-South. Easily the best heels in Mid-South. My second would be Ted Dibiase because his heel run there to me was much better than his heel run in WWE. Mainly because his heel run in Mid-South wasn?t near as corny as his WWE run became. Ted beating the crap out of someone with a loaded gun in order to make more money and to become champ, or Ted buying Sapphire away from Dusty Rhodes you take you pick. I?m going with Ted from Mid-South. Iceman Parsons stuff in Mid-South/UWF was also awesome as well

I?m loving the old school questions this week and Vann doesn?t leave me down for the last question of the week

Vann: Another AWA question... what one 80's AWA wrestler - other than Bruiser Brody - who never really went to the WWF or WCW, in your eyes had the potential to be successful on a national basis? How do you think their gimmick might have changed and what spot on the roster might they have held?

A: Well I?m basing this solely on if they went to WWE or WCW as a wrestler, and as a full time wrestler not working a Garden show once in a blue moon. My choice is Nick Bockwinkle, now yes I know he did color commentary for WWE and worked as a road agent for them in 1987. And before I continue a little known fact is that he was also in the running for the Million Dollar Man gimmick but Vince felt he was too old. But moving on, and I know he was the WCW commissioner, but he was primarily an AWA guy, he never really left the AWA as a wrestler. I think his style would?ve made him on the level of Ric Flair if he had been in either WWE or WCW. His interviews were always spot on, they were very articulate, which even today not many guys can talk like Bockwinkle did, it?s a shame that he doesn?t get the credit he deserves for his promo abilities. In the ring very few wrestlers were near as smooth as he was, plus he didn?t have to be a face or a heel. He was one of a few in that time period that even when he was with Bobby Heenan, you knew he was too good to dislike. I think he would?ve been a much bigger name had he been with either WWE or WCW. Oh yeah Brody would?ve been HUGE had he been in either league.

That?s it for this week. As always listen to In You Head every Wednesday at 8!

I?ll see you next week

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