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Interview Recap - Tony Hunter

Posted in Interview Recaps by Tyler at 07:38, Oct 08 2005

by Ryan James

Tony Hunter Promoter of Carolina Championship Wrestling www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com was the 2nd guest on In Your Head Wrestling Radio this Wednesday. Which can be heard every Wednesday LIVE at 6 PM Eastern on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, Barbie Richards and the O.I.B.

The hosts welcome Tony Hunter, promoter of Carolina Championship Wrestling to the show (http://www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com).

They talk about the 30 year anniversary of Ric Flair's flight crash. They talk about David Flair, and how he's been improving in wrestling.

They talk about the big show and fan-fest they're having. A Tribute To Starrcade on November 19th. They talk about David Crockett being added to the event. They talk about "Cornette's corner" with Baby Doll, who is going to decide who she's going to be with.

They talk about Tony's father being a wrestler working for the IWA (Jim Crockett Sr.). They talk about how he passed away at 43 on a wrestling event.

Tony talks about his first match referring at the age of 16, and talks about being all over the world refereeing.

They talk about the growth of CCW. They also talk about false advertising and how it doesn't just hurt the promoters who do it, but the independents as a whole.

Tony puts over Mick Foley. He also puts over Jimmy Valiant. He puts over Ricky Morton's selling ability and talks about a time when he Ricky no showed him.

They talk about Stan "The Lariat" Hanson and how Stan swung Tony over the top rope by his hair during a match Tony refereed. They talk about wrestling being "fake". They talk about Abdullah the Butcher wrestling against a new wrestler, and how he sliced him up, the guy left the ring and jumped into his car.

They talk a little bit about Dusty Rhodes, and Tony tells a story about confronting Dusty, they also talk about their working relationship.

Tully Blanchard is the next wrestler they discuss, and they talk about bringing Tully in for an NWA title run, they talk about Tully getting back in the gym to get in shape, Tony puts over Tully being a "natural heel".

Jeff Hardy was also added to the show.

Tony says his most memorable match refereeing was with Steamboat and Tully Blanchard. They talk about how Tony books a lot of old-school action, but he also has to keep up with what's on TV, he talks about having to mix both styles.

They talk about Nikita Koloff and how he lives his gimmick, and never broke kayfabe.

Tony said he worked with the Road Warriors before.

Tony talks about Terry Funk, and how he's on his "last retirement". They tell a story about Tony picking up Terry Funk in his truck and being around him. He doesn't talk bad about anybody. They talk about Jim Cornette's bad luck with his house. He plugs the November 19th, 2005 Show in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He thanks the hosts for being on the show.

In our 1st hour we were joined by TNA's Bobby Roode

Please visit www.inyourheadonline.com to hear this interview in FREE audio. And listen to our full archive section of other great interviews. And tune in next week for our interview with Terry Funk !!

Special thanks to Ryan "The Outlaw" James of http://www.wrestlingrevolutionradio.com for writing this recap.

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