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This Week In Wrestling

Posted in In My Head by TheOutlaw at 18:59, Oct 10 2005

This Week In Wrestling

This week in wrestling. Wow.. What?s there to say. TNA Is great as usual, but that?s coming from a slightly biased opinion. See, I?m smart enough to form my own opinoins about what wrestling I like to watch. TNA is the better in ring talent, while WWE is more story-line/drama driven. I like to see wrestling matches, not soap operas.

WWE Raw: Homecoming I?d give the show an 9.0/10
First of all you kick off the show with an Ironman match-up between Kurt Angle and HBK Shawn Michaels. Granted, I was a bit disapointed there was no clean finish, and Kurt looked really weak by walking away from HBK?s challenge of sudden death, it was a great match non-the-less.
The ladder match between Matt Hardy and Edge was slightly disapointing, I was really hoping they would let Hardy win it, there weren?t as many spots in the match as you would normally see in a Hard vs Edge match-up, so I was disapointed by that as well.
This was a night of nostaligia. First of all, you?ve got pretty much every major wrestling legend alive today in attendance. Secondly, STONE COLD!! STONE COLD!! BAWH GAWD STUNNER! Stone Cold came out and stunned every single McMahon in true attitude era style.
John Cena vs Eric Bischoff was weak, obviously. I was hoping that someone would interfer and take that belt off of Cena. I?m getting tired of seeing him do his 5 moves per match and then win with a freakin? fireman?s carry. That belt of his HAS got to go. Sometimes I even forget it?s supposed to be the WWE title and not just some bling-bling bull.
The fight at the end with Smackdown vs Raw was great, I?m looking forward to this week?s Raw to see if they build off of this and start a Smackdown vs Raw angle or if it was just for the one night.

TNA iMPACT! 10/8/2005 9.0/10
What can I say? Great as usual. Kick off the show with 3LK vs Team Canada. Good Six-man Tag Team Match, I actually marked out for the shoe! There was a nice little segment at the end of the match where Kipp James entered the ring and stood by BG. Maybe they?re re-stirring up the BG James/Kipp James angle?
Next was the excellent 3-Way X-Divison Match-up. This one had me on the edge of my chair the whole time. Austin Aries is great, Christopher Daniels is great, Matt Bentley is a decent X-Division wrestler. One spot that had me screaming "Oh My God" was Austin Aries? hurricanrana on Bentley to the outside of the ring.
Then you?ve got your squash match. Abyss vs Sonny Siaki. If you couldn?t tell the winner of the match just by the people involved, you obviously don?t watch enough TNA. It was your typical moster squash match.
Then you have a segment where Larry Zybysko announces the special enforcer for the Jeff Jarrett vs Kevin Nash match-up at Bound For Glory. TNA, I emplore you, please, PLEASE never give the microphone to Tito Ortiz again. His lines were cheesey and un-entertaining. He needs to remain the strong, silent type.
Then the main event, America?s Most Wanted vs Team 3D, A dream match-up for any Tag Team wrestling fan. I was only dissapointed that it didn?t have a clean finish.
What is up with everyone who debuts siding with Jarrett?

I know, I know, it doesn?t seem fair that I rated these the way I did. I look at it this way. TNA delivered awesome matches in the 1 hour that they had. WWE Homecoming only had one match that I cared about. So, all in all, both programs kept me fully entertained and on-edge for 30 minutes, respectivly. I?m just waiting to see if Raw can pull off another miracle and be as good as the last one. I?m also looking forward to seeing more from TNA, and hopefully they can get a 2 hour timeslot. I don?t care what day/time its on, I?ll watch it. 1 Hour just isn?t enough for a roster TNA?s size, especially given all the promo packages and TNA commercials they air during iMPACT!

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