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Interview Recap - Terry Funk

Posted in Interview Recaps by Tyler at 16:42, Oct 15 2005

By Zach Zumhoff

The hosts welcomed Funk to the show, and they started off plugging his appearance at the big Tribute to Starrcade show in Spartanburg, SC. On November 19th. And his match with Dustin Rhodes, with special referee Mick Foley. Who Terry mentions has a great mind for wrestling. Terry will also be doing a special Q&A with Dusty Rhodes on Friday November 18th. For more information please visit www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com

And will be appearing for Harley Race's wrestling November 12th. For more information on this and how to order his autobiography please visit Terry's new website www.terryfunk.net.

Terry starts in about Vince McMahon not being the genius people thinks he is and about how WWE Homecoming went. Funk believed that WWE just loaded the card too much, and that it shows USA network the highest rating they can get on the network. Terry then went on to talk about how he enjoyed watching TNA Wrestling, saying that it was what a wrestling show should be all about. Terry puts over talent like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Team 3D, AMW etc. And at one time wishes he was young again to work with them.

Funk then answered questions from the callers. First was how do you feel waking up in the morning, knowing that you will face Sabu in a barb-wire match ? Terry explained about his pride, and how Sabu has that same pride for what he does in the ring. The topic of retirement came up, in which Terry joked about it. But he then explained that if he gets a knee replacement, then his career will be over. Also, he made it clear about what he would miss about the wrestling business if that day had to come.

Answering more questions from the fans, how was it like to work for MLW Funk stated that MLW was a part in the growth of where the business is right now. And puts over ECW as well. He also explained how the business is full of a new breed of wrestlers, with a new style. Terry feels like this will all lead to the rise of TNA in the coming years, and could be a formidable match for WWE. Another question was posed for the Funker involving why he sold the Double Cross Ranch. Terry explains the history of the ranch, and the fact that it is a registered trademark in the state of Texas.

The IYH Crew and Terry then moved on to Funk's ability to change with the times in wrestling. Afterwards, Funk gives some advice to up-and-coming wrestlers in the business. Funk then gives his opinion on the developmental territories. Saying that they do a good job,and the basics are still necessary. Also, he wanted to go back to the old kayfabe-era of wrestling. He felt that it was easier to put on a successful match that was believable.
ECW One Night Stand was brought up, and Terry immediately said that he purposely didn't watch it. Nevertheless, he did give his opinion on the show. According to Funk, his decision for not agreeing to being on ECW:ONE NIGHT STAND is that he wanted to hang with the old boys. Then Funk gave his opinion on Vince. Saying that he respects him, but they are on two sides of the fence. Speaking of the numerous trademark cases by WWE, including the fight over Hardcore Homecoming and the Dudley Boyz. Terry explained how you can't fight against Vince even if you have the money to do it. Even if you are in the right and have the money, no one has as much as Vince. He shared some of his own personal lawsuits, stating that you are shaking in your boots when somebody is after your money.

Then they asked Terry about his book, and he did a funny segment where he asked about the price with his wife. The subject of another Funk generation made it's way into the conversation. And Terry said jokingly about his grandsons wrestling, and will start them young. Next up, Funk was asked about if he enjoyed his movie career. Noting that he always had to get parts on his own merit, and not because he was Terry Funk.

After taking a few attempts at making a promo for IYH, a phone call was taken in. The question asked had to be heard to be believed. You can only hear it for FREE at http://www.inyourheadonline.com !!!!

This is just highlights of an over hour long interview with the Legend Terry Funk. Many other topics were discussed, and Terry happily took phone calls from the IYH fans.

Please visit www.inyourheadonline.com to hear this interview in FREE audio. And listen to our full archive section of other great interviews. And tune in every Wednesday LIVE at 6:00 PM Eastern, for the live feed, interactive chat room, message board and call ins.

Special thanks to Zach Zumhoff for writing this recap.

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