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Captain's Quarters June 11th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 22:43, Jun 11 2006

I suppose I'll open the Quarters this week with some more thoughts on the new ECW, since that's the huge thing right now. I want to state that I don't HATE the old ECW, despite any claims I may have made in the heat of making a point. I talk a lot of trash, but it's usually all in kayfabe. I'm just the type of person who likes to get into the product and pretend from time to time that it's all really happening. That's entertainment. Still, I'm not and never will be the biggest ECW fan. I respect everything the company achieved, and dammit, I even like Paul Heyman (I'll hate myself later for letting that one slip). I just prefer the new school style more. Now, as far as the new ECW goes, I think everyone should look at it with an open mind instead of looking at it with nostalgia. You're never going to get the 1990s ECW glory days back -- that was a moment in time that's past. A closed chapter. So many of those men have moved on. But look at what you ARE getting. You're getting a second chance for a company you loved to have life breathed back into it, and just maybe it will live to be something nice to watch. I'm sure it will never reach oldschool ECW popularity, but it might just get close. But people need to give it a chance. Sure, there are a few WWE guys that are going to be on the show, but their styles will obviously be changed. Besides, it's been six years, and there's no way you can build a new roster completely out of the same guys that were once on the show. Adding some established WWE guys won't hurt the show, but they will help bring a little of today to mingle with a little bit of yesterday. You know Vince McMahon isn't going to put this much hype and effort into the new ECW if he's not going to allow Paul Heyman to keep it true to the past vision. Vince has given Paul a second chance, and for that he should be saluted.

Please note that this is all in reference to the new ECW show, and not ECW One Night Stand. The One Night Stand pay-per-view DOES see to have a WWE guy in almost every match, but I think that can be excused as it's no longer a One Night Stand. It's not about bringing ECW back for a one night only reunion, it's about the culmination of the latest chapter in the long-standing WWE vs ECW rivalry. I think everyone will be surprised.

RAW opened with the contract signing for the WWE Championship match at ECW One Night Stand between John Cena and Rob Van Dam. Paul Heyman and John Cena gave a couple of pretty good promos. I can't say the same for Rob Van Dam, even though I really like the guy. He kind of came off as a kid in a candy store. But, maybe that's what they were going for. This resulted in ECW invading and beating the hell out of Cena. In kayfabe, I'll have to say ECW ran like a bunch of cowards once the odds were evened, and they're a bunch of yellow-bellies. Otherwise, however, I'll have to state that I'm loving every minute of it.

We got a quick non-title match next between Carlito and the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. It was short but pretty good with a great ending. Carlito moonsaulted from the top rope and landed on his feet behind Shelton, then nailed him with the back-cracker for the victory. I sincerely hope this means Carlito is in line for a second Intercontinental Championship reign. He's had a major shortage of gold.

I wasn't a fan of having to witness Jim Duggan as Eugene's tutor this week. That just seems way more fitted for HEAT. But it's always cool to see Matt Striker in action. Umaga is sorta' growing on me, but I'm not sure how into him I can get as long as he's got such a lame finishing move.

Great stuff between Edge, Lita, Foley, and Kurt Angle this week. I'm a huge Angle fan, but I've got to stick with my WWE guys. Randy Orton made his huge return this week when he RKO'd Angle and accepted his open challenge at One Night Stand. No wonder I think the pay-per-view is going to be awesome. It's being taken over by WWE guys, and I couldn't be happier, even though they're all gonna get served.

Looks like they decided to continue the double-Kane stuff. I'm cool with it because I admittedly like it. As long as the fake Kane doesn't keep screwing up like he did last week on that Chokeslam.

Johnny Nitro and Melina come out for a match against Charlie Haas. Originally I was very upset at the lack of crowd reaction to this match, but I think they were just concerned with Lilian Garcia. When Charlie Haas came running to the ring and bounced off the far ropes, I noticed someone getting knocked off the apron, but I didn't think anything of it. So, when I heard Lilian chants during this match between these two underrated guys, I was very upset. Once we came back from break, however, we were informed Lilian was the one knocked off the apron and she was injured. I really like Lilian, so that kind of hurt to watch. Going back to the match, they've changed Charlie's theme song. What's up with that? His previous theme was perfect, one of the best in the company. I just don't understand why they would replace it with another one of those bland mock-rock themes. I enjoyed the segment nonetheless. Nitro picks up the well-deserved win.

Beth Phoenix went one-on-one with Victoria next. Victoria missed the cue to roll up into the pin, so Beth improvised and utilized her finishing move and she did it well. Fantasy points for me. Beth rocks. It's always great to see two female WRESTLERS have a place in a match on RAW, and seeing Trish and Mickie at ringside wasn't so bad either. Beth Phoenix was injured in this match, and she's going to be out of action for a while. Hope she gets well soon, because we need her.

Triple H and Vince McMahon gave us some great stuff this week. Lots of back and forth promos leading up to that one moment -- the induction of Triple H to the Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club. Only, it didn't happen, as we knew it wouldn't. Per internet rumor, I was expecting Shawn Michaels to make an appearance during this segment, but that just goes to show you how believeable rumors can be sometimes. Still, the segment went down well with the classic McMahon drug plan that was pulled on Michaels backfiring. Shane ended up inadvertantly taking the drugs and passing out in the middle of the ring, and Triple H proceeded to Pedigree Mr. McMahon... with his pants down. That was one of the greatest Pedigrees of all time.

Solid episode of RAW. ECW got their licks in, but weren't too overpowering. And that's good, because the WWE VS ECW special was yet to come. This D-X angle might be carrying on a bit too long, but really, it shouldn't happen now. The deal right now is ECW, and the D-X stuff should be, as it is being, held off for Vengeance hype.

WWE VS ECW Head to Head started off with Foley giving the backstage WWE pep talk and Paul Heyman giving the ECW pep talk. Jerry Lawler and Tazz almost jump one another at the beginning of the show, and quite frankly, I was hoping Lawler would walk over and beat the living hell out of Tazz.

Anyway, the show began with Rey Mysterio, the "World" Champion, going one-on-one with Rob Van Dam. This one didn't last very long but it was nice. RVD picked up the win and both men shook hands afterward. One for ECW.

Kurt Angle came out to talk about Randy Orton's sneak attack on RAW, but was quickly interrupted by Randy himself. Randy gave a really nice promo and announce that he is back on RAW. This news has me elated. SmackDown really is screwed. Perhaps they're going to combine the brands? Ah, the bottom line is I'm really looking forward to Kurt VS Randy this Sunday.

Up next, Mickie James went one-on-one with Jazz. Jazz looked on top of her game, but Mickie was too much when she pinned Jazz with the Mick-EDT. I absolutely loved Jerry Lawler poking fun at Tazz's lack of knowledge of the English language. I've been doing that for years. Tazz really sucks.

Was that an awesome John Cena promo? I believe it was.

I really liked the battle royal, and as far as I'm concerned, WWE won it. Big Show revealed that he was part of ECW and "won" it for his team, but that wasn't possible. If that's the case, ECW had 11 guys and WWE had 9, and that wasn't the match, so you ECW losers still lose. I like Big Show, but he's a traitor, and he'll have to go down like the rest.

Edge defeated Tommy Dreamer with a small assist by Lita. Hey, Lita had no choice. Terry Funk stuck his nose in where it didn't belong so she came to the rescue. That's what I saw. Edge took a nasty fall from above the top rope and managed to go on and win the match, thus proving ECW has NOTHING on the Rated R Superstar. After the break, Mick Foley gave one hell of a promo that I certainly won't forget any time soon.

The crowd seemed a little dead for Sabu VS John Cena, and I wasn't really interested in the match. I was more interested in wanting Jerry Lawler to jump back up and continue beating the hell out of Tazz like he was moments before this match. It looked like Cena was going to pick up the victory, and believe me, he would have, but the newest traitor, Big Show, came out and ruined it. Leave it to ECW to do everything the cowardly way. ECW One Night Stand just keeps looking better and better.

I didn't have time to review SmackDown this week, but it's all good because not a lot happened that's mentionable. Props to Sabu for an awesome leg drop on Rey. And Ken Kennedy owns all our asses. It's like I recently mentioned to my good pal and the Voice of the Beautiful People, Barbie Richards -- Kennedy will be huge within the next six months. HUGE.

Check back next week, because I'll have the One Night Stand review that EVERYONE wants to read. Trust me. You want to. Stay Fab.

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