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Bioactive iMPACT! 12/14/06

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 02:43, Dec 16 2006

by Bioactive Showtime

The first edition of Bioactive iMPACT! is here...so grab a drink, sit down and read. As a fan of TNA I'd have to say that I had mixed feelings about this week. Kurt Angle's lost it, Russo continues to screw over everything...what else is new. The only good thing Russo has done for me is give me an early Christmas present. What the hell could have Russo give me you ask? Eric in a speedo...DUH! Just for the record neither Eric or Traci wore a BIKINI for the BIKINI contest. Go figure. -Shifty eyes.- Anyways...Russo's done nothing for me. Onward to the out of order column!

So we open iMPACT! with Ms. Brooks and one of Canada's greatest Robert Roode. He's still mad that ''Showtime'' Eric Young beat Ms. Brooks in the bikini contest. -Laughs on the inside while waving a Eric Young flag.- So now he's got a deal that Eric can't refuse well he could, but Robert would find a way to get poor Eric fired. So we get a pissed off Kurt Angle instead. Kurt tells Robert to ''hit the bricks.'' If I was Robert...I'd slap Kurt because all he wants to do it bitch because he can't sleep all because Samoa Joe made him tap out. NEWS FLASH: Joe's gonna kill you Kurt! Kurt cries, I laugh, Joe shows up on the screen. Joe tells Kurt no rematch. Kurt cries more and I laugh harder. Do we see some sort of a pattern here? By the way wasn't it Kurt's idea that no matter what happened this would be the last time that would face eachother...or did he think we were stupid and would forget that part. So Kurt attacks Don West for telling everyone basically what was going on. Kurt throws DW on the floor DW taps everyone boos then we go to a commercial.

We come back to our first match of the night Abyss vs. Ron ''The Truth'' Killings. Nice match with a few good spots. The Truth did a nice over the top rope move sending the Monster to the floor. Although there wasn't much to this match that would make me wanna watch it over and over. ''The Monster'' Abyss tried to get The Truth with the Shock Treatment but that didn't work. The Monster finally got the pin on The Truth after a Black Hole Slam.

The second match of the night was ''The Canadian Destroyer'' vs. ''The Fallen Angel'' Christopher Daniels. This was my match of the night..why? It had another one of Canada's greatest...yeah that's right the master of the Canadian Destroyer...Petey Williams. I'd love to see these two go at it one on one on a PPV. I could see them making a damn good match. As much as I didn't like Petey turning into another American I'm glad to finally see him as a face. Another match that ended to soon with Petey getting the win after Sabin and Jerry Lynn interfered. Sabin watched as Jerry and Daniels argued.

The final match of the night saw LAX and Konnan vs. AMW and Gail Kim. This was different though because Konnan was locked in the King of the Mountain cage and if AMW lost this match they would be no more. Thanks to Russo for screwing up TNA's greatest Tag-Team EVER! Way to go loser! I thought this match was good because it had the most build up. ''Wildcat'' Chris Harris taunted Konnan and held his own in the match even though his eye was taped. Although I think that fell off after ''The Cowboy'' James Storm blasted Wildcat with the beer bottle. [I wonder if that was good Canadian beer?] That's right Strom ended America's Most Wanted. Konnan was happy Gail Kim was crying. Petey comes out and wants a piece of James Storm.

Now on to the crap in between the matches. All night long we saw Kurt attack other guys backstage. Poor Eric got caught between a rock in a hard place. As he was running from Ms. Brooks he ran into Kurt. Kurt still pissed off he basically bitch slaps Eric and Eric goes down. Kurt finds Slick Johnson and puts him in an Ankle Lock still getting nothing. Well then he comes back to the ring and drags So Cal Val from ringside and turns her into a new rag doll by dragging her into the ring and standing on her hair. Well this brought out Jim Cornette. Cornette gives Kurt what he wants and more because a match was made for next week. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe and Rhino. Big deal if you ask me...that's just the long way around the fact that Kurt gets another shot at Joe.

The other craziness going on this the whole deal that Christian Cage has a ''dirty little secret'' on Abyss, Sting is trying to talk to Abyss and Father James Mitchell doesn't know what to do. We saw Abyss choke Father James Mitchell, Christian Cage bail and Sting steals the title. All I have to say to this is WTF! I hope you all are getting this because this is just really screwed up. I bet it was another one of Russo's stupid idea's to break down the Monster.

Anyways I hope you liked iMPACT! like I did...if not to bad! Tune in next week to see what I'll complain about next...most likely Russo but read anyways.

- Bioactive Showtime! -
- IYH's Canadian Pied Piper and #1 ''Showtime'' Eric Young Fan! -
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