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James J. Dillon responds to Eric Bischoff

Posted in News by Jack at 20:20, Jan 01 2007

from James J. Dillon

It has come to my attention that Eric Bischoff has made some comments about me
his website posted on December 28, 2006.

I have not had any contact with Eric Bischoff since the closing of WCW in 2001.
In 2005, I published my autobiography “Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls”
and I did
relay my experience of Mr. Bischoff in an open and honest manner, having worked
with him for about five years.

I have not read the new Bischoff book, and based on the reviews it received, I
not intend to read the book. I have read a recent in-depth four part review
written on the Bischoff book and his tenure in WCW, which was very thorough and
factual. There was nothing really new in the story, but when you lay the whole
history of the Bischoff era out there; what a stench! Eric Bischoff would have
full time job looking for a rock big enough to crawl under.

The only two truths in the recent Bischoff statement were that I do have a
needs child, and that Bischoff did speak to Kevin Nash, who recommended Eric
me. The rest is incorrect.

For those that have read my book, I stand behind every word. As I detailed in
“Seagulls”, I resigned from the WWF, I wasn’t fired, so I
don’t know why Eric said
he felt sorry for me. If he should feel sorry for anything, it should be for
the checks he authorized that eventually put WCW out of business. A lot of good
people were put out of work as a result. I wonder if he feels sorry for them as

To clarify, I did not have any WWF pay records as he has alleged. That would be
proprietary information and when I left Titan Sports I turned in all company
property and records on the day I resigned. Prior to my first meeting with
and after I left the WWF, I wrote down some notes from memory. The point I
to make to Eric was that I had been involved in all aspects of talent management
and I would therefore be a good resource to Eric any time he evaluated talent,
I could specifically give an informed opinion when evaluating individual talent
compensation. Eric wasn’t interested in the knowledge and experience I
brought to
WCW. Eric was driven by an obsession to put Vince McMahon out of business. It
all detailed in my book.

As for character; I find it difficult to believe that someone with a history
Eric Bischoff, a history that includes the Gold Club incident in Atlanta which
a matter of public court record, would ever comment on the character of someone

At the time I contacted WCW, there was a hiring freeze and I was initially
on as a consultant for the first month. Eric then went to Harvey Schiller and
recommended that I be hired. I started out at $125,000. I was not given a
contract until the third year. That contract included a hefty salary increase.
If Eric didn’t trust me based on our first meeting in September of 1996
yet still
authorized all of that, he must be awfully stupid.

I do, however, appreciate that Eric has now gone on record with his latest
comments that state that I had zero influence over operations at WCW. I guess
that means that Eric can take credit for the failure of the company. By his
comment, I am in no way responsible.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2007.

James J. Dillon
December 31, 2006

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